Saturday, March 07, 2015

Good conspiracy theories and bad conspiracy theories

Conspiracy theories are vile except when they are not.

"Aide Reveals Stunning Details Of The Moment Guv Candidate Killed Himself" This story continues to make absolutely no sense. I wonder if they had something else on him that was going to come out.

"Conspiracy! Is Obama Punishing Democrats Who Won’t Roll Over for Iran?" I wish, but the timing is all wrong.

"U.S. denounces award-winning cleric who called 9/11 ‘inside job’"

Punished for getting a little too close to the truth:  "UK counter-terrorism group loses funding after 'Jihadi John' revelations"

"Sen. Bob Menendez: 'I am not going anywhere'" The most obviously blackmailed senator.  Tweet (Imraan Siddiqi):
"Bob Menendez on: Protective Edge: Pillar of Defense: Cast Lead: "
These days they'll jail you for just about anything, so the story they cobbled together still doesn't hold up to any scrutiny: "Conservation authority does ‘not want to be punitive’ about tunnel"  "Toronto tunnel builder wasn't done: 'I wanted to have concrete'"
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