Tuesday, March 03, 2015


"Tsarnaev attorney: Video of accused placing bomb down 'does not exist'"  Once the big lie is released into the wild, it develops a life of its own.

Another technique is to filter the lie through a series of untrustworthy media sources:  "Author Of 'Report' Claiming U.S. Threatened Israel Has, To Put It Mildly, An Ax To Grind"

"Sea-Lioning"  "#1062; The Terrible Sea Lion"  Reminds me of hasbara technique.

The peculiar tunnel cover-up by the Toronto police is causing some concern.  "Mysterious tunnel becomes a labyrinth of confusion"

'Investigative journalists'  didn't want to look too closely into the mouth of the gift horse:  "Meet Pierre Omidyar! A handy primer for new First Look hires".  It should be abundantly obvious by now that Crazy Pierre's intent was to block investigative journalism, not encourage it.

"Greenpeace Probe Of Climate Naysayer Implicates Exxon Mobil"

The idea that 'bad' actors can now use the same snooping techniques that the American government lets the NSA use doesn't really cope with the fact that the NSA is the worst actor out there:  "The Democratization of Cyberattack"
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