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"The New York Times “basically rewrites whatever the Kiev authorities say”: Stephen F. Cohen on the U.S./Russia/Ukraine history the media won’t tell you" (my emphasis in red; this uniform dedication to the lies of the Empire is typical of the sad state we are in; also don't forget while there is a propensity of some Americans to the Cold War, this attack is clearly and essentially one of the Wars For The Jews, intended to weaken Putin's anti-Zionist alliances in the Middle East, and certainly inevitably weakening the American Empire):
"What’s happened in Ukraine clearly has plunged us not only into a new or renewed—let historians decide that—Cold War, but one that is probably going to be more dangerous than the preceding one for two or three reasons. The epicenter is not in Berlin this time but in Ukraine, on Russia’s borders, within its own civilization: That’s dangerous. Over the 40-year history of the old Cold War, rules of behavior and recognition of red lines, in addition to the red hotline, were worked out. Now there are no rules. We see this every day—no rules on either side.
What galls me the most, there’s no significant opposition in the United States to this new Cold War, whereas in the past there was always an opposition. Even in the White House you could find a presidential aide who had a different opinion, certainly in the State Department, certainly in the Congress. The media were open—the New York Times, the Washington Post—to debate. They no longer are. It’s one hand clapping in our major newspapers and in our broadcast networks. So that’s where we are."
"More Embarrassing Emails: The Sony Hack B-Sides"  "11 Revelations From WikiLeaks’ Sony Hack Emails" "WikiLeaks Reveals Sony's Hidden Ties with Washington"  It is fun to watch the suits make fun of the celebutards they have to work with, but the political machinations are where it gets interesting (RAND interests me particularly these days, especially given its possible/probable role in September 11):
"Sony is a member of the MPAA and a strong lobbyist on issues around internet policy, piracy, trade agreements and copyright issues. The emails show the back and forth on lobbying and political efforts, not only with the MPAA but with politicians directly. In November 2013 WikiLeaks published a secret draft of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) IP Chapter. The Sony Archives show SPE's internal reactions, including discussing the impact with Michael Froman, the US Trade Representative. It also references the case against Megaupload and the extradition of its founder Kim DotCom from New Zealand as part of SPE's war on piracy.

The connections and alignments between Sony Pictures Entertainment and the US Democratic Party are detailed through the archives, including SPE's CEO Lynton attending dinner with President Obama at Martha's Vineyard and Sony employees being part of fundraising dinners for the Democratic Party. There are emails setting up a collective within the corporation to get around the 5,000 USD limit on corporate campaign donations to give 50,000 USD to get the Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo elected as "Thanks to Governor Cuomo, we have a great production incentive environment in NY and a strong piracy advocate that’s actually done more than talk about our problems."
Sony Pictures Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton is on the board of trustees of RAND Corporation, an organisation specialising in research and development for the United States military and intelligence sector. The Sony Archives show the flow of contacts and information between these two major US industries, whether it is RAND wanting to invite George Clooney and Kevin Spacey to events, or Lynton offering contact to Valerie Jarrett (a close advisor to Obama) or RAND desiring a partnership with IMAX for digital archiving. With this close tie to the military-industrial complex it is no surprise that Sony reached out to RAND for advice regarding its North Korea film The Interview. RAND provided an analyst specialised in North Korea and suggested Sony reach out to the State Department and the NSA regarding North Korea's complaints about the upcoming film. The Sony documents also show Sony being in possession of a brochure for an NSA-evaluated online cloud security set-up called INTEGRITY.
The archives also detail SPE's development of its own films and collecting "intelligence" on rival pictures, for example documents in the archive reveal the budget breakdown for Oliver Stone's rival picture Snowden, which is currently in production. The budget reveals the rights spend: 700,000 USD to the Guardian's Luke Harding, 600,000 USD to Oliver Stone for his work on the script and 1,000,000 USD to Snowden's Russian lawyer Anatoly Kucherena."
"In Case You Needed Another Reason to Look Askance at WikiLeaks" Look who is not happy.

"Families of Holocaust Victims Sue France for War Crimes in US Court"

"How Ukraine Commemorates the Holocaust"

"Ukraine: "Both Sides Touched" By NATO Related Murder Of The Other Side"  Curious NATO digital fingerprints on a neo-Nazi Ukrainian death list.  NATO obviously wants a war with Russia, but I can't see how this helps NATO's warmongering.  It is possible that NATO produced a number of web sites to be provided to Ukrainians to assist with the coup, and this is just one of these sites, re-purposed.

"How Corporate America Invented Christian America" The ultra-Zionist element was added in the 70s and 80s, leaving us where we are today.

"YARMOUK: understanding the situation" (this link is very helpful:  "Yarmouk: The Truth ~ by Moe Salhi").  It is funny that the Americans/Jews/Saudis have set up this never-ending war against the government and people of Syria, causing enormous suffering and death, yet all we hear about is how evil Assad is for taking steps to try to remove Islamist terrorists from his country.  The commentary on Syria is appalling, often sectarian, and almost always, I'm sure, bought and paid for.
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