Sunday, April 12, 2015


"Boston After-Action Report Raises Still More Questions–Inadvertently" (they accidentally arrested a government agent and had to extract him from the legal process using a fake bomb threat!):
"WhoWhatWhy has previously reported inconsistencies in the narrative provided by Dun “Danny” Meng, the man who said he was carjacked by the brothers. Those inconsistencies, like others, raise serious questions about how ruthless and focused the Tsarnaevs were—and even whether they may have left their purported victim alone in a car, making his escape easy. The After Action Report only deepens the mystery about what actually transpired. The time of the carjacking is listed in the report as11:20 p.m. But that is impossible, because a Bank of America surveillance camera caught Tamerlan withdrawing money from Meng’s checking account at…11:18pm—two minutes before the carjacking had purportedly even begun, a distance away.
Not only is when of the actual carjacking occurred still in question, but where as well. Law enforcement in varying forums cited three separate locations: Richie’s Shell at 1001 Cambridge Street (Boston Police scanner), in the vicinity of Third Street in Cambridge and at 60 Brighton Avenue in Allston. The prosecution eventually settled on the Allston location during the trial, but the report made no attempt to address these discrepancies.
Finally, the report also entirely fails to mention a peculiar incident that unfolded at the John J. Moakley Federal Courthouse on Wednesday, April 17, two days after the bombings. This event still has journalists buzzing, albeit privately.
David Boeri, a reporter for the local public radio station WBUR, was, along with CNN’s John King, among several journalists who reported that day on a supposed arrest in connection to the bombing. Their reports were based on information received from judges and courthouse staff. Boeri reported that he had gone to the federal courthouse after being told an arrest had been made. He’d been told by two senior judges and other officials that they had been ordered to prepare courtrooms for a hearing in connection to the bombing.
Soon after the announcement, however, the assembled media were  evacuated due to an alleged bomb threat. “A courtroom was being prepared, and they were even preparing an overflow courtroom at the time,” Boeri said. “That’s when we got a code red alert in the courthouse.”
The following morning the courthouse opened as usual, and it was as if no purported arrests had ever taken place. The After Action Report does not enlighten us on this rather substantial error. And so the 60-page document becomes yet another question mark in a mountain of mysteries."
"Army Recruit Charged With Helping ISIS Watched by FBI, Given Clearance by Army" This FBI fake terrorism stunt required more than the usual deception as the patsy was quite insane.

"The War Nerd: The Confederates who should’ve been hanged"  Hanging as a political prophylactic is reentering the conversation under the stresses of the current proctocracy.

"The 1 percent are parasites: Debunking the lies about free enterprise, trickle-down, capitalism and celebrity entrepreneurs"

"Fabricated Language" (Angry Arab).  One of the main techniques of the Jew-controlled media.

"Expert: Social protests may spiral into "left terror" in Ukraine after the ultra-right Kiev bans communist and left ideology"  "Kiev Becomes First European Capital to Openly Glorify Criminal Ideology"

"Michael Slager Is Not Going to Prison for Killing Walter Scott: Here’s Why"
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