Sunday, May 03, 2015

A ground base of already productive relations with journalists

"Getting Past Scientized Scrutiny"  What does 'probable' mean?  Medical testing of a chemical or medicine before the release of the substance has been replaced by releasing the substance first, then seeing what happens, all the while denigrating any evidence of harmfulness to allow the marketing to continue as long as possible.

"May 1 - A Terrific Day For U.S. Target Intelligence In Syria And Yemen"  "The Lies Of Anne Barnard"  When the high-tech targeting is always bad you have to start to assume that it is not a mistake but a policy.  The plan of World Jewry is for nobody to win in Syria, and we have to entertain the possibility that the American targeting for the Saudis is intended to weaken the political position of the Saudi princes.

"Saudi Arabia and the War of Legitimacy in Yemen"

"Campaign to free Nadiya Savchenko another cover-up of war crimes and pretext for more sanctions"

"Nine Months After He Filmed Eric Garner's Killing, the Cops Are Trying to Put Ramsey Orta Behind Bars"  "The man who filmed the Freddie Gray video has been arrested at gunpoint"

"Orange County family paid $72K to keep son in upgraded jail cell after he killed girl while drunk driving":
" . . . the cells are for “Good people who made a mistake, made a bad choice — and they have to pay the consequences.”"

"Baltimore & The Walking Dead"  The American intelligentsia weighs in.

"Why It's Fair to Ask Hillary Clinton Why Honduras Is the Deadliest Place to Be an Environmental Activist"

"Managing a Nightmare: How the CIA Watched Over the Destruction of Gary Webb"  Old school stuff.  The mainstream media will look after creating anti-conspiracy propaganda on its own, with only a nudge here and there.   “A ground base of already productive relations with journalists”.

"David Horowitz to OSU: ‘Jews didn’t expel the Arabs in 1948′ and ‘the occupation is a huge lie’"  Horowitz is great as he attempts none of the hasbara tricks to appear to be more gentile.  You can watch the blood pour off his fangs.
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