Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Do not necessarily

Tweet (Cryptome):
The second link contains a lot of information on the type of Washington connections that lead to a facility with retyping the Official Story.

"The Story Behind The Story Of Bin Laden’s Killing"  This Barry-lovin' take down starts by claiming Hersh is full of shit as his story is a conspiratorial attack on Pakistan, and ends by claiming it can't be right as it makes Pakistan look too good.

"Pakistanis Knew Where Osama Bin Laden Was, U.S. Sources Say"  Mainstream (extremely high-level pro liar Andrea Mitchell!):  Hersh might have stumbled on something which we can spin as sorta/kinda not inconsistent with the White House story, so we're not as incompetent/mendacious as it might appear.  "The new revelations do not necessarily cast doubt on the overall narrative that the White House began circulating within hours of the May 2011 operation."

Tweet (Michael Arria):
"Most reporters just rolled with WH narrative on bin Laden death. The fact Hersh considers it critically is what offends many of them."

Tweet (Michael Arria):
 "If you got paid to produce hot takes like this wouldn't investigative work on ME policy upset you on some level? "

Tweet (Asa Winstanley):
 "Hilarious that Max Fisher thinks well-established fact that the US backed the terrorist MEK army is "a spectacular international conspiracy""
I just noticed that Fisher, in a vain attempt to make Hersh sound like a nutter, refers to Eliot Higgins as a 'respected analyst' in referring to another superb - and certainly correct - Hersh story on false-flag chemical attacks in Syria!!!  I have never paid enough attention to Vox to realize what a piece of shit it is, so Fisher's attack has been very useful.

Hersh's piece is far more important than its content as it is a direct attack on the entire American press corps and its corrupt/stupid connection with power.

"Special Report on the escalating situation in Macedonia"  "Greece, Macedonia, Serbia and Hungary discuss ‘Turkish Stream’"  For various reasons, all those countries are partly outside of the American Empire, so American mischief is to be expected.

"Saudis Snub Obama Over Iran Deal"  "Putin May Be a No-Show During Kerry Visit to Russia"  The United States used to be strong enough that other countries at least had to pretend to respect American leadership.

"Scott Walker’s rabbi"  Someone should produce a set of playing cards depicting all the relevant Jewish billionaires.

"In Convicting Jeff Sterling, CIA Revealed More Than It Accused Him of Revealing"  Oman always seems to stay out of the various Gulf State shenanigans.

"Monsanto’s Glyphosate Blankets GMO Crops Near U.S. Schools. 3,247 Elementary Schools across America Affected"  It wasn't that long ago that we wondered how we could have been so stupid to allow mass use of DDT.
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