Monday, May 18, 2015


"Key details about the ‘bin Laden evidence’ in Chelsea Manning’s court-martial"  The persecutors/prosecutors told the court in the Chelsea Manning trial that the leak to WikiLeaks was particularly bad - and a crime - because the leaked info ended up in the hands of al Qaeda, proven to a large extent by the fact they found it on bin Laden's computers, computers which we now know, thanks to Hersh, are mythical.  They didn't have to outright lie about it, as they tricked Manning into accepting a statement of facts including the lie, but if you scroll to the end you will see they were prepared with a witness who would have lied under oath.

"‘I Put in White Tenants’: The Grim, Racist (and Likely Illegal) Methods of One Brooklyn Landlord"  'Anti-Semitism' is still legal as long as you are careful about it.

"Why Did One Boston-Area Cop Let Tsarnaev Escape?" Two key parts of the Official Story is that the brothers robbed a convenience store and killed a policeman.  Isn't it odd, in such an important matter, that neither of these commonly accepted facts is true?:  "BOSTON UPDATE: Is Officer Collier’s Killer Still at Large?"  In a patsy management situation, the reason you murder a cop - think back to J. D. Tippit - is to create a frenzy of violence in the other police, leading to the almost comic book level of violence leveled at Dzhokhar in the boat (his survival was literally a miracle), the main goal being to ensure the patsy doesn't live.

"Mandy lobbied Blair to give Janner a peerage AFTER sex abuse claims: Grandee said to have asked then-Labour leader about ennobling him ahead of 1997 election"  Janner-Mandelson-Blair

"Oil Billionaire Attempts to Silence University Scientists"  The first rule of frack club . . .

"Trident whistleblower says nuclear subs are insecure, unsafe and 'a disaster waiting to happen'"  Also the first rule of nuke club.  "Trident whistleblower 'to hand himself in to police'"  As always, the only person in trouble is the one who reported the massive wrongdoing.

"Leaked to the Press: France's official "targeted killing" squad"

"Has Ramadi fallen to IS?"  Armored bomb-laden bulldozers driven by suicide bombers break through the defenses.

Note the debate in the comments of the posting above is whether the suicide bombers are 'crazies' or just soldiers.  "Statue marks centennial of John McCrae’s famous poem, ‘In Flanders Fields’"  The soldiers in the trenches at Ypres could also be described as crazy.

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