Sunday, May 24, 2015

'More Than Half Of Syria'

"Kim Philby’s last straw"  Another good piece by Weiss.  Note:
  1. Rothschild and power;
  2. despite all the other obvious signs, it was a suspicion of anti-Zionism that did Philby in.
"U.S. Britain & Canada reject nuclear disarmament so Israel can keep its nukes" Every society eventually realizes that the luxury of kowtowing to the Jews is unaffordable.  "Canada stands by Israel 'through fire and water,' Harper tells Montreal Jewish group"  "We Support Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Stand For Israel"  They can and do gloat to us about their power, but it is 'anti-Semitic' for us to notice.

"Young Moldovan Jewish Businessman Under Arrest In Alleged $1 Billion Looting Of Poor Country’s Banks"

"Turning a south Lebanese village into Israel’s next target"  The warmongering of the Jew York Times is a crime under international law, and someday the perps will be punished severely for it.

"The Nation magazine’s shameful history of aiding ethnic cleansing in Palestine"  It is not a coincidence that I can almost never find anything in The Nation worth mentioning.

"Hillary Clinton’s lucrative life of crime" by Ted Rall.  Are Americans being set up for a Republican President when all the Republican clowns disappear to reveal the real candidate - Mitt? - and the sheer massive weight of all the Clinton corruption renders her unelectable, with no Democrat replacement in the wings.

"Amnesty International raises alarm over war crimes in Ukraine"  Note the usual human rights false equivalency of all the massive crimes by the junta's neo-Nazis up against the self-defensive actions by the eastern Ukrainians.  Read the story carefully to see how Amnesty pulls the usual 'human rights' trickery.

"Russia's Putin signs law against 'undesirable' NGOs" Anti-Kaganism.

"Good News on TPP, as Senate Passes Fast Track Bill with Human Trafficking Poison Pill"  No Dominican underage prostitutes were harmed in the making of this poison pill.  A comment on Barry by Doug Terpstra:
"None of these are errors or failures. All were calculated and deliberate. Nor will TPP be an error if it passes. For Obama, it will be his greatest achievement and the linchpin of his legacy. A few failures include the failure to bomb Syria, despite his worst intentions (thanks to Putin), the failure of the Ukrainian coup to date to provoke Russian aggression, the failure to seize Russia’s Black Sea port in the Crimea, the failure to destroy Social Security (so far) via the Cat Food Commission, the failure so far to effect a coup in Venezuela despite great effort, the failure so far to completely defund Medicare via ACA, though he’s made progress, failure to thwart China’s Asian Infrustructure Bank, and an apparent failure in losing Yemen to Houthi rebels. These are failures to be thankful for. Let’s add TPP, TTIP, and TISA to that list. In almost every endeavor, if Obama fails, we the people succeed."
"Stakes getting dangerously high for Saudi Arabia and its young prince" World Jewry must think the Saudis should tone it down a notch.

"Murderous spooks drive journalism project to WikiLeaks":  ". . . due to death threats and DDoS attacks on its infrastructure."

We're receiving a now volley of Zionist propaganda - even more ironic than most such propaganda given the ISIL-JSIL alliance - based on the idea that Assad has already lost to ISIS and thus needs to be replaced by a new strong leader to ensure al Qaeda doesn't end up with its own state:  "With ISIS Controlling "More Than Half Of Syria", The US Prepares To Pounce":  "Not really, no."

"Obama’s Strategic Shift"  (Parry)

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