Monday, May 04, 2015

Safer or less safe?

Tweet (Alex Gibney):
"A fascinating piece in Private Eye about Northern Ireland, libel tourism and Scientology. Paisley, Miscavige & Tweed."
Is Jewish scheming making you more safe, or less safe?:  "Botched Charlie Hebdo Attack In Texas":
"I still say that if liberals and neocons want to do something truly brave, they would publish cartoons or caricatures of Jews manipulating the government and financial system. Of course they would probably be prosecuted for it in most European countries."
Speaking of Jewish scheming (the idea that the fait accompli of the American deal with Iran is leading to a shift in Jewish plans for Syria turning on the effects of the JSIL-ISIL alliance):
  1.  "Military Analyst: Israel Wants to See Iran in Direct War in Syria"
  2. "Obama’s Middle East policy might lead to Assad’s exit after all"
  3. "Hezbollah offensive into the Qalamoun seeks to deter threat of Syrian-based militancy in Lebanon".

"Similar to Stasi, FBI maintains 15,000 informants"  Read the article cited:
 "Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who would eventually plant bombs at the Boston Marathon, was ejected from his local Boston mosque the year before the attack for making anti-American political statements. An attendee of his mosque who spoke with The Intercept suggested that the pervasive fear of government agent provocateurs among the congregation led many to choose disengagement from people who expressed troubling views, rather than trying to work with them to sway their opinions."
 The Muslim community is so terrified by the probability of FBI informants that Americans are much less safe.  If anyone in the community seems a bit off they don't try to help him, or report him, but assume he's a government agent and stay away from him.

The Russians were convinced, certainly correctly, that Tamerlan was an American operative working to destabilize Dagestan:  "Is US-Russian Spy Intrigue Behind Boston Bombing?"

"Look at the language used when US bombs kill innocent Syrians (or innocent anybody)"

"Nepotism in disguise"  Saudi meritocracy!  It won't be long before their level of incompetence won't be saved by all the money in the world.

"Did Washington Post Columnist Cherry-Pick Estimates on Israel Nukes?"  The mere fact that the issue is in debate means the mainstream American media is no longer hiding the illegal Israeli nukes.  It was Bibi's annoying Barry that provoked the release of the incriminating documents which made the lies of the American (Jew-controlled) media no longer possible:  "How Israel Hid Its Secret Nuclear Weapons Program"

In line with the Jewish fascination with the false flag, the norm in Europe is for racist violent Jewish supremacists to commit violent acts and then claim Jews were the victims:  "Eyewitness debunks claim of “attack” on Paris Jews by BDS activists"
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