Monday, May 25, 2015

Straw man

A technique of the conspiracists is to use a straw man to blunt the significance of a leak: "Did the US DIA see ISIL as a strategic Ally against al-Assad in 2012?" A lot of this is just word play:  if you know about something about to happen, and are in theory the big player in the region, and do nothing to stop it, did it just happen, or did you intend for it to happen?

"Persian Empire, anyone?"  The usual faulty Zionist translation engine.

"Good news on TPP, as Senate passes Fast Track bill with human trafficking poison pill"  The politics here is nuts - ultra Zionist Menendez ends up helping the Rohingya, against whom a genocide is being committed, a genocide that cannot be mentioned as the victims are Muslims and World Jewry doesn't want anybody to get the crazy idea that it is possible to commit human rights abuses against Muslims.  (As usual, your human rights heros, aren't.)

"Netherlands Bans Monsanto’s Roundup to Protect Citizens from Carcinogenic Glyphosate (Roundup)"

"The tales we tell to cope with unwinnable wars"  The lies told to explain/excuse the loss in Vietnam are recycled by the neocons to serve as a propaganda base for present and future Wars For The Jews.  Vietnam partly explains why some Americans are such suckers for these wars.
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