Thursday, May 14, 2015

Swarm of lies

We're in the middle of quite the swarm of lies from the usual Zionist suspects concerning the Syrian government:
  1. "Eight Problems with Amnesty’s Report on Aleppo Syria"
  2. "Inspectors in Syria Find Traces of Banned Military Chemicals: (the usual product of the Barnyard)
  3. "Ken Roth keeps on digging?"
  4. "Ali Mamluk is shown on Syrian regime TV to the left of Bashshar: the credibility of Carol Malouf of Daily Telegraph and her stories"
  5. "How the Daily Telegraph defends its Mamluk story"  When caught red-handed in an obvious lie, she makes a joke about it.
"Explosive new report on bin Laden raid highlights deceptive security state shell games"

"What You Should Know About Bernie Sanders' Dark Side"  Progressives for genocide.  American voters don't get a free ride on this.  If Bernie has blood dripping from his fangs, it will be your blood too.

I guess we know the plan of World Jewry:
  1. "Canadian Government Says Free Speech is for Offending Muslims — Not Opposing Israel"
  2. "Ottawa cites hate crime laws when asked about its 'zero tolerance' for Israel boycotters"
  3. "Canadian Government Slams ‘Bizarre’ Report on Use of Hate Crime Laws Against Pro-BDS Groups (UPDATE)"
  4. "BDS a hate crime? In France, legal vigilance punishes anti-Israel activists"
  5. "Aipac Wants Congress to Criminalize BDS"
"Sheldon Adelson on the Hot Seat for Organized Crime Ties at His Macau Casinos" It's quaint how Nixon's friendship with Bebe Rebozo led to allegations that he was being funded by organized crime.  It is no longer a problem but a prerequisite for a Republican nominee to be funded by organized crime.  Also:  "Following Paul Singer’s Money, Argentina, and Iran (Continued)"  "Are property speculators bankrolling European Friends of Israel?"

Very sunny view of Barry:  "Obama’s overture to Putin has paid off"  "Yet another huge diplomatic victory for Russia"  With Nuland there, I suspect the Americans attempted to barter taking the pressure off in Ukraine in return for Russia selling out Assad.

"The latest Koolaid vendor"

You have to bomb the village to save it:  "European powers seek to bomb Libya to stop migrants"  This mess is the direct result of following Zionist plans for Libya.

"Sy Hersh, journalism giant: Why some who worshiped him no longer do"  You'll never get back the time you wasted reading the article, but the comments are hilarious.  If you have one excellent source, parts of whose story are backed up by a number of other sources and whose story is internally logical and consistent, but, as a whistle blower in Barry's world - look how Sterling was railroaded, on no real evidence except for a dubious circumstantial concoction based on the metadata they say they don't keep! - insists on being anonymous, what are you supposed to do?  Should you not publish, and reward Barry for his war on facts?
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