Thursday, May 07, 2015

The biggest stories are always missing, a conspiracy

"Secret Record Revealed In Austrian Court – Yanukovich Pressured Into Union With Eu By Nuland Threat To Imprison Firtash" (pre-coup shenanigans):
"A Vienna, Austria, court has ruled that Victoria Nuland (right), the US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, attempted to pressure the President of Ukraine, Victor Yanukovich (left), into accepting Ukrainian association with the European Union (EU) by threatening Ukrainian oligarch Dmitry Firtash with arrest, extradition to the US, and imprisonment on allegations of bribery several years ago in India.

The details were exposed for the first time in public in a proceeding in the Landesgerichtsstrasse Regional Court last Thursday (April 30). Austrian judge Christoph Bauer was presiding on the application by the US Government for the extradition of Firtash. The transcript of the proceeding has not yet been issued publicly, nor the official text of the judge’s ruling from the bench.
Judge Bauer rejected extradition, ruling there had been improper political interference by the US Government in the Firtash case. This is a violation, according to Bauer’s judgement, of Article 4, section 3 of the US-Austria Extradition Treaty of 1998. “Extradition shall not be granted,” the proviso declares, “if the executive authority of the Requested State determines that the request was politically motivated.” Read the treaty in full here."
"Amnesty whitewashes another massacre" All 'human rights' organizations are Zionist fronts.  Exactly as you world expect.  If you are going to commit massive human rights violations, you need to stifle the groups that might complain about it.

"At Gala, PEN Doubles Down and Defends Itself"  The publishing-industrial complex is controlled by World Jewry, so it follows that PEN is absolutely disgusting, not to mention self-righteous about being disgusting.  Don't buy books!

"Follow the Minerals: Why the US is Threatened by Venezuela's 'Blue Gold'"

"The MeK - Washington's Favourite Communist Terrorist Cult (by CP)"

"Where Porter is On and Off in Explaining US Media Bias on Saudi Aggression against Yemen"

"Yemen Update 6 May 2015":
"the Saudis tried to get Pakistan and Egypt to hire out 30 or 40 thousand troops to them for a ground war in Yemen.  That appeal failed.  Now they are bringing in Sudanese and Senegalese mercenaries.  This should become really interesting."

"The Foreclosure Crisis Caused a Great Migration in Miniature"  I'm always struck by the fact that the biggest stories, particularly those involving human suffering on a large scale, are never discussed, or discussed only after years.  Stories about the criminality of the financial system, the large scale murder operation being conducted by American police forces, the massive suffering caused by 'free trade' deals, all the problems caused by the American housing crisis (created by criminal acts which remain unpunished), the issues associated with fracking and the transport of oil, all the effects of climate change including drought, the disruptions to the lives of ordinary people caused by the 'war on drugs' and the mass surveillance state (though, to be fair, much of the mass surveillance state is just an expensive boondoggle), etc, etc, etc - the conspiracy is to withhold the information, or delay it until it is too late to do anything about it.
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