Thursday, January 07, 2016

Historic day

"Greedy Eyes of Saudi Sheikhs" by Israel Shamir (I have a fondness for the retail-level conspiracy theories as I suspect they are often closer to the truth than the vast schemes that are often proposed, which are themselves usually cover-ups, e.g., think 'wars for oil' or noamian 'American imperialism'):
"However, I want to share with you insights from a Russian freelance scholar with a military background who runs the limited distribution Triple-R (Russian Ranger Reports) on Yemen and Saudia. He proposes a different reading of the map.
In his view, this was no coldly planned action, but rather spontaneous spite. Prince Mohammed ibn Salman, the king’s son, hates his main competitor for the throne, Interior Minister Prince Mohammed ibn Naef (whose father the powerful Prince Naef recently died, undermining his son’s chances for the throne) and he arranged for execution of Sheikh Nimr in order to entangle Prince ibn Naef in the conflict with local Shias. He took from him his National Guard, leaving him with next to nothing in case of trouble. Perhaps. But wars happen for even smaller reasons, and the recent developments in Saudi Arabia call for a shrink, not for a military or political analyst. We forgot in our age of reason that absolute monarchies act for very human reasons, and what could be more human than madness?"
 "Michael Olenick: The Lesson of Newtown – Time to Charge for the True Cost of Gun Ownership"  The erotic connection of guns for the ammosexuals is just that - it is the only time they get to experience the ability, known every day to the 1%, of being able to have others pay the true costs of their hobbies and obsessions.  It is a feeling of power that the average peon never otherwise gets to have.  Also, there are all the scary black men who need shooting (which also explains the American obsession with zombies).

This is wonderful:  "How A Racist Troll Pretended To Be Ammon Bundy On Twitter And Punked Most Of The Media"  "A Historic Day"  The url of the original article is "" but Jacobin has done a CIA-level job of scrubbing it from the internet.
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