Sunday, January 03, 2016


"The Rise of the Regressives."  Everybody involved in this is beneath contempt.

"A generation of failed politicians has trapped the west in a tawdry nightmare"

"Slouching Toward Global Disaster"  Marred by the total lack of judgment in the words "even the most optimistic scenario that brings Hillary Clinton to the White House".

"Cameron, Osborne and Murdoch back together at mogul's Christmas knees-up"

"The Misinformation Mess" (Parry)

"Recep Erdoğan: First as Tragedy; second, Farce; third as…Monty Python"  "Does Erdogan really intend to eliminate all Kurds from Turkey?"  "Erdogan’s ‘Kurdish Disaster’ in the Making"

Bonus points for the fact that Biden's son has a big seat at the trough!:  "Corruption in Ukraine is so bad, a Nigerian prince would be embarrassed".  Maiden remorse in the most awkwardly named 'country' in the world, Nudelman-Kaganistan:  "Gallup: Ukrainians Loathe the Kiev Government Imposed by Obama".

The great mystery of the day seems to be the universal simultaneous collapse of professionalism and even marginal competence in politics in the West.

"The tale of a mysterious mound of Iraqi cash seized at the border, and the oddball cast that’s fighting for it"  Christian Zionists, who are full of amusing surprises, are speculating in some of the worthless dinars no doubt 'liberated' by American soldiers/mercenaries from occupied Iraq.

"Star-Crossed Lovers’ Tale Banned from Israeli Schools"

"Russia Vindicated by Terrorist Surrenders in Syria"

"Surreal: West Mourns Death of Al Qaeda Collaborator in Syrian Airstrike"

"Spying On The Internet Is Orders Of Magnitude More Invasive Than Phone Metadata"  It seems we have been misdirected.

"ISIS New Years Eve Terror Plot Story Is Totally Bogus"  No more bogus than all the rest of them but the FBI is getting sloppy and arrogant in releasing too many of the ridiculously damning details.
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