Wednesday, January 06, 2016

War on toddlers

From the house organ of the settler movement, strikingly unusual honesty:  "Shiite Cleric Gained in Status as a Rivalry Deepened" (my emphasis in red):
"“We are speaking of a terrorist person,” said Salman al-Ansari, a Saudi commentator provided by the Podesta Group, a public relations firm working for the Saudi government.
Mr. Ansari accused Sheikh Nimr, who was in his mid-50s, of organizing a “terrorist network” in Shiite areas in eastern Saudi Arabia and compared him to a Qaeda ideologue who sanctioned the killing of security forces.
Others, however, note that for a preacher whose hatred for the royal family is easy to find on YouTube, examples of him calling for violence are not. The Saudi government has not made public evidence it may have against him."
You have to wonder what is going on as:
  1. this honesty about PR almost never happens, with standard protocol being to retype the handouts from the propaganda firms without any mention of the sliminess of the source;
  2. the Saudis are abnormally close to the Zionists these days; and
  3. Podesta is a high-level Clintonista (and feminist).
"Amnesty International and calculating execution rates in Middle East countries"

"Meet the Russian experts at the US government"

"Why aren't Saudi flags burned in Iran?"

"Jewish Israelis force Aegean Airlines to remove Palestinian citizens from flight"  It won't be long before the law requires airlines to provide the supremacists with their own flights, with the rest of us paying for the cost of it.  Don't scoff, we're paying for their food inspections already.

"MK Oren calls for ‘Hasbara Iron Dome’ against boycotts"  "'Anyone Who Belongs to B’Tselem or Breaking the Silence Is Also a Rotten Apple'"

"Is Britain seeking to silence the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign?"  It is funny how these inexplicable banking problems only happen to certain groups.

"What Does Israel Want With the UAE? – Giorgio Cafiero, Daniel Wagner/The National Interest":
"Despite Abu Dhabi’s support for Palestinian statehood and refusal to recognize the Jewish state, Israel and the UAE have in recent years found themselves aligned on several regional issues. Their common concerns generally stem from expanding Iranian influence in the Arab world and the rise of Sunni fundamentalist groups in the region, as well as the Obama administration’s handling of both of these developments. Within this context, Israel sees itself as having a vested interest in making a diplomatic overture to the Emirates."
"How Bulgaria supplied drugs and weapons to Al-Qaïda and Daesh – Thierry Meyssan/"  The forensic evidence of the Bulgarian bus bombing never matched the Official Story.

"How The FBI Got Tsarnaev’s Friend To Turn On Him"  The Federal Bureau of Entrapment.

"Fear, facts, and the question of guns: George Rodrigue":  "If you lived in America last year you were less likely to be shot by an Islamic terrorist than by a toddler."  Even more dramatic if you remove San Bernardino from the terrorism list, as you should.  But, Bengaygate!

"The Trouble with the TPP, Day 1: U.S. Blocks Balancing Objectives"  Part one of many.  Canadian negotiators completely caved.

Tweet (Ben Norton):
Pro-Hillary piece — ignores actual policies
Anti-Hillary piece — all about policies …"

Tweet (Ben Norton):
"Former editor of the New Republic "lunches" at the elite Four Seasons with his "friend" war criminal Henry Kissinger"
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