Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Backpack colors

"Release of Tsarnaev’s Interrogation Notes Leads to More Questions".  The color of the backpack seems like a simple issue that should have been resolved by now.

"Band Frontman Pulls 180 – Suddenly Retracts Damning Testimony Of Paris Shooting".  There are always witnesses to conspiracies who notice the inconsistencies with the Official Story (San Bernardino is a big example).  Most of them are ignored, some of them are killed, and those too prominent to ignore or kill are muscled to change their story.

"Mikhail Lesin’s Corpse Press-Ganged For Infowar By Victoria Nuland".  "US travel records show Putin propaganda chief who 'died' in suspicious circumstances in Washington hotel actually flew out of LA 40 days later, claims Kremlin".  The implication being that there is big dirt on Putin necessitating the protection of WITSEC.

"Anders Breivik - Body Doubles"

"The Tortured Logic Behind Sirhan Sirhan’s Parole Denial" I'm certain that the real reason is that the Powers That Be don't want this assassination reexamined.

"9/11, false flag terrorism, and the Canadian government".  "Muslim Canadians Who Won in the 2015 Federal Election".  The most interesting one isn't on the list (though this could also be a rumor spread by those who dislike his politics).

"Qué pasa, Vladimir ?*"  "Vladimir Putin's latest poker move"  "Russia "Withdrawing" From Syria?"  If appears that Russian air support for the Syrian army is continuing, which is all that really matters.
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