Saturday, March 19, 2016

Breaking Up

"Goldberg on Obama’s Syria credibility ‘crisis’" Mondoweiss belatedly mentions the obvious problem of the spin of the concentration camp guard.  Since the concentration camp guard has established himself as Barry's hagiographer-in-chief, his ultra-Zionist take on everything becomes the base-line of all the discussion.

"Or crowdfund buying his medical records and putting them online to laugh at."  Credit to them for leaving the mocking comments up.  I guess the lampshade defense didn't cut it with the jury.

"Meet the Israelis praying for a Trump win – Shira Rubin/Chicago Tribune"

"NEW IRAN AND SYRIA 2.DOC"  "Wikileaks Reveals Clinton's Plan to Overthrow Assad to Help Israel"

"Wikileaks Exaggerates Story About State Department Working With Google To Block Video"

France is fucked:  "Jewish Influence and Ethnic Networking in France: In Their Own Words . . .":
"Blanrue suggests that ethnically-motivated censorship and the inbred cliques dominating the French cultural scene today are in part responsible for the decline in prestige and influence of France’s formerly “exceptional” culture."
The decline in standards when a supremacist cabal takes over most official intellectual circles is a phenomenon not limited to France.  Have you wondered why there has been such a decline in the publishing or art worlds, or academia generally?

"Israeli Historical Revisionism Hits American Textbooks – Eman Elshaikh/Muftah"

"The Ever-Curiouser MH-17 Case" (Parry)  The Dutch know where they can get the key and vital information they need, but they just can't muster the courage to ask for it.  I'm amazed this ridiculous pseudo-investigation isn't a big political issue.  Heads should be rolling.

"Your thoughts on Israel’s threat to vaporize the holiest sites of Christianity, by Scott"  Comment by Carmel by the Sea.

"EAR/ONS– Breaking Up Behind a Stranger’s Call" The internet solves another puzzle.

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