Saturday, March 26, 2016

Confirming the kill

"Russia Bids Farewell" by Israel Shamir.  Plausible analysis throughout, in line with the complexity and skill of Russian diplomacy.

"The Official and Hidden Agenda of Kerry's Visit to Moscow"  Overly pessimistic.  Kerry always arrives with the Orders From The Jews in his pocket, and then somehow forgets about them at the meeting.

"Roundup Of Current News On Syria"  I think some kind of weak federalism is inevitable.

"WOW: State Dept Rep – Syria’s army should not liberate Palmyra from ISIS?"  Ha!

"ISIS, oil & Turkey: What RT found in Syrian town liberated from jihadists by Kurds (EXCLUSIVE)"

"Watch Out for Judicial Coup in Brazil"  "Langley's Latest Themed Revolution: the Yellow Duck Revolution in Brazil"

"Brussels attacks: How Saudi Arabia's influence and a deal to get oil contracts sowed seeds of radicalism in Belgium"  "a WikiLeaks cable revealed that a staff member of the Saudi embassy in Belgium was expelled years ago over his active role in spreading the extreme so-called Takfiri dogma"  Step 1 (or 1a, after stopping assisting in all the Wars For The Jews) in saving Europe is to kick all the Saudi-funded clerics out and close all the Saudi-funded Wahhabist hate-centers.  If this doesn't happen - and it won't - Europeans will get an inkling of just how corrupt and sordid their politicians really are.

Attempted counter-attack to distract from the Cruz Mistress Crisis:  "Blind Items Revealed #4".  The National Enquirer is both a piece of shit and by far - by far! - the news operation in the United States with the most integrity and professionalism.  Ironic coming from Gawker:  "The National Enquirer Has Been Right Before".

"Another Israeli Execution in Cold Blood, Another Whitewash in The NY Times" "BREAKING: Identities of IDF Soldier Who Executed Unarmed Palestinian–and His Commanding Officer–Exposed"

Get out your umbrellas - the politicians hold theirs upside down, the better for catching - it's another spring shekel-storm in Ottawa:  "Dion calls on UN to review Canadian law professor’s appointment".

"Let's Talk TPP"  The Canadian government is still pretending that this is not a done deal, so the trickery and deceit in the next little while will be something to see.

"They Made Him a Moron" There is always a buck to be made selling snake-oil propaganda for the 0.1% using the trendiest buzzwords (see also, the warmongers in the Thinktanks For The Jews).

"If Romero had lived"
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