Friday, March 18, 2016

Go Ahead And Shoot Me

Given the background, that suicide by cop now looks like murder by cop:  "New Video Shows LaVoy Finicum’s Last Moments: 'Go Ahead And Shoot Me'".  Note the utterly misleading title to the article as the discussion in the vehicle was all about how not to get shot.

"THE OBAMA FOREIGN POLICY INTERVIEW by Michael Brenner":  "Why does a President afford such liberties to a tendentious journalist?"

Ultra-Zionist spin on ultra-Zionist spin:  "What the President Really Thinks About Saudi Arabia"

"The Netherlands Just Banned Weapon Sales To Saudi Arabia Over Human Rights Abuses".  Full credit to the Dutch people!

"Another Lesson from Moscow Washington Won't Learn By Patrick Armstrong"

"This is Why Putin is the Most Unpredictable Politician in the World":
"... he constantly does what he says he is going to do."
The propaganda is already flying:  "‘Prime Minister’ Lula: The Brazilian Game-Changer"

 "Tridentine Judaism and the New Supreme Court Nominee"  The real basis of Scalia's twisted decision making?  The new nominee:  "When we examine the curriculum vitae of Merrick Garland, Mr. Obama’s nominee to replaced the late Justice Antonin Scalia, we find that, as a federal prosecutor, he helped to mastermind the criminal conspiracy that covered up the ultimate perpetrators of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing."  Also, of course, 2/100 of the population, 4/9 of the Supreme Court judges.

Rhetorical question:  "Does Congress Represent American Citizens or Israeli Settlers?"

"GOP operatives, conservative leaders meet to thwart Trump"  Santorum!

"Donald Trump, Dirty Money, & the Filthy Rich in Palm Beach" (Hopsicker).  Of course, this is the type of thing his supporters admire about him.

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