Thursday, March 24, 2016

Our relatively tightly knit community

"Mogherini demands progress at Syria talks"  European 'leaders' continue to be hilarious - you can practically see their pockets filling with shekels as they speak - while European people, stuck with an electoral system created to make it impossible to get rid of these clowns, grimly prepare themselves for a horrible death.  "Brussels Suicide Bombers Planted Hidden Camera At Home Of Top Belgium Nuclear Official"

Trump is either lying to the hillbilly haters or the Jewish billionaires, so the hillbilly haters assume he must be lying to the Jewish billionaires:  "Regarding Donald Trump’s AIPAC Speech".  On the other hand (my emphasis in red - so tightly knit they can meet in the same . . . synagogue):
"“It’s always surprising when a member of our relatively tightly knit community is willing to sacrifice their reputation to stand with someone like Donald Trump,” said Danielle Pletka, senior vice president for foreign and defense policy studies at the conservative American Enterprise Institute.


Top foreign policy experts have been increasingly worried about Mr. Trump’s vision for the United States’ role in the world, and many of the prominent figures in the administrations of George Bush and George W. Bush have denounced Mr. Trump. The prominence of those who signed the open letter, which included Robert B. Zoellick, a former World Bank president, and Michael Chertoff, a former secretary of homeland security, dwarfs the little-known experts that Mr. Trump has turned to."
"Trump’s know-nothing foreign policy – Jennifer Rubin/The Washington Post":  "It is a world view entirely at odds with that of the pro-Israel community . . . "

"A World War has Begun: Break the Silence"  I notice that Hil's pandering - and did you watch the cringe-worthy 'jump the shark' episode of Broad City? - has made it suddenly acceptable for real progressives to complain about 'identity politics', a complaint that would have made you a pure bigot until recently.

""Syria/Iraq Sitrep - 23 March 2016"

"SYRIA: Aleppo’s Black Box is Found Under the Rubble of Propaganda"

"Canada’s $15-billion Saudi arms deal violates export rules, lawsuit argues"

"Russia Already Questioned 100,000 Witnesses for Ukrainian 'Nuremberg'"  Massive war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the Ukrainian government and various neo-Nazi militias with tacit government approval.

"ESPN Tried to Shame Cuba's Slums But Instead Highlighted America's Own Sports Dystopias"  It is not a coincidence. These billion dollar gifts to the 0.1% are plopped down in neighborhoods where the powerlessness of the inhabitants makes it easiest to dispossess them.

"Nixon Chief Policy Officer: We Created ‘War on Drugs’ to Oppress Blacks, Antiwar Movement"

"America Cannot be Great Again"

"Redaction error reveals FBI did target Lavabit to spy on Edward Snowden"  "Edward Snowden Targeted by Lavabit National Security Letter"  This type of activity should preclude any argument that Snowden should return home so he can get a 'free trial'.

"[Cryptography] Lavabit's and Snowden's Solos"

"Masterspy Denies Snowden Damage Assessment"

A comment by hunkerdown to Naked Capitalism:
"FEMEN-style protesters in the States? MoveON turning Trump into a media terror phenom and leading provocative marches? Could just possibly be Soros trying his color playbook at counter-revolution — might be worth watching closely what comes out of his corner to see if an upgrade from coincidence to enemy action is warranted."
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