Friday, April 01, 2016

It can't happen here

"EU-Turkey Deal: “Refugee” Lie"  All European deals with Turkey are predicated on the fact that Turkey is a safe place for refugees, so why the deals?  The refugee flows are in fact an American scheme to damage Europe.  But what possible American interest is there in damaging Europe?  There isn't any.  The interest in damaging Europe is Zionist.  This phenomenon is an ongoing theme here - people blame things on the 'Americans' and fail to ask what possible reason the United States would have to do these things, which are obviously against American interests (like all the Wars For The Jews).

Tweet (David Sheen):
"Israel has world's LOWEST refugee acceptance rate. Now Netanyahu says he's happy to help keep refugees out of EU too"

"We Don’t Want Mark Zuckerberg’s Charity"  It is not just the massive decrease in tax revenues, but the fact that all these clowns pick the absolute most socially destructive programs to implement as part of their 'charity'.  We'd all be better off - much, much, much better off - if all tax deductions for charitable donations were eliminated completely.  Most 'charities' are scams anyway.

"What’s Really Going On Inside Trump’s Political Operation?"  As evil as Stone is, he is interesting and very well informed on election strategy minutiae (note the specific reference to Soros at the end), something which Trump's organization seems to lack.

"The US, Thai Human Rights, and Saudi Head Choppers":
"At the end of the day, whether it is the petroleum one finds in their gas tank, or any given item on the shelf in one of America's many Walmarts, one would be hard pressed to find anything that has not been produced and put there through the exploitation of human labor under conditions unacceptable anywhere in the West itself. If foreign labor was toiling under favorable conditions and fairly compensated, there would be no point of using foreign labor in the first place. Large multinational corporations importing these goods from all over the developing world know this which is why they outsourced labor overseas to begin with."

"A ‘Silent Coup’ for Brazil?"  By the way, I fully understand the big-business American interest in fucking up Thailand and Brazil, in stark contrast to recent American actions against Russia, Europe and the Middle East.

"How narratives killed the Syrian people – Sharmine Narwani/RT" On the construction of the color revolution mythology - a mythology still popular amongst the Wahhabist 'humanitarians' - by the Jew-controlled mainstream media.

"Why I'm for Bernie Sanders" by Oliver Stone.

"A Fukushima on the Hudson?"  After the disaster the things they let slide always look amazingly stupid.
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