Tuesday, April 26, 2016


"Sy Hersh's Book on Bin Laden Killing Rejects U.S. Story, Says Saudis Financed Hiding of Qaeda Leader":
"SEYMOUR HERSH: The Saudi government was funding—we got him in '06. We learned about him in 2010. We killed him—we murdered him, really, in 2011. And the Saudis, for those years didn't—the Pakistanis did not tell us, because the first person they told that they—when they got him, through the ISI in '06, and put him in Abbottabad, they may—the first people they told were the Saudis. Why? Because the Saudis paid a lot of money to the two generals, and to others, perhaps, to keep it quiet, to keep it from us. They did not want us getting to bin Laden and talking to him. And I can tell you, since I've written that—I learned that from Americans—I’ve learned from ISI people that one of the ways they move money is they send tankers to us. They send—the Saudis would send tankers of oil to the Pakistanis for resale. You can reflag any ship on the ocean. It’s an easy way to move money around. You can change ownership from Pakistani to Pakistani—from Saudi to Pakistani on the high sea.
AMY GOODMAN: Twenty seconds.
SEYMOUR HERSH: So, anyway, it’s a story we didn’t want to push too far publicly. But we actually—we were never supposed to announce the killing in Pakistan. They were supposed to take the body out, take it to the Hindu Kush mountains, and a day—a week or so later, announce that we killed him in a drone raid. And what the president did that night, because of political pressure, because of the worries about waiting a week—maybe somebody else would tell the story—he jumped ahead. It was re-election night. I guess any president would do that. But he did jump ahead. And he left Pasha and Kayani—
AMY GOODMAN: Five seconds.
SEYMOUR HERSH: He left our two generals, the two generals in charge of the bombs, hanging. Not a good thing to do."
""Horrified": Seymour Hersh Reacts to Obama's Plan to Send 250 More U.S. Special Ops Troops to Syria":
"AMY GOODMAN: Sy, were you surprised by President Obama’s announcement today in Germany?
SEYMOUR HERSH: Horrified. I just don’t think it’s the way to go. I think it’s just putting us into—you know, as you mentioned in your introduction, we’ve been doing this war against terror, against an idea, since after 9/11, you know? And how are we doing, fellas? How’s it going there? You know, has the amount of opposition to us spread? Has the hatred of America grown more intense? We are truly a very much hated country in the Middle East. And it’s partly because of the way we fight our wars—with drone attacks and a lot of force, the prisons that we did. And Abu Ghraib was just one of many prisons. And a lot of killing goes on by us, you know.
And here’s how things have changed, for me, anyway. I’m writing the same kind of stories now about this president, very critical stories, because, you know, somebody has to hold him to—you know, at least based on what I think is as good as evidence I’ve ever had in all the stories I wrote for The New York Times in the '70s. I was there for six, seven, eight years as a sort of a hotshot there in the Washington bureau. And I wrote a lot of stories, won a lot of prizes, going after the president, going after wars, going after Kissinger, writing about illegal activities. And all of a sudden, the same stories, still anonymous—I mean, I wrote them anonymously then, and I'm writing them anonymously now. And some of the people I knew then, believe it or not, are still operating now. And it’s like, we can’t do that. It’s like the American press has moved to the right, as many elements in this country, as you see, when the Sanders case has moved to the left. It’s a much more outspoken opposition to some of the things we—the way we run campaigns. And underneath that is—of those people who support Sanders, also really dislike much more intensely the wars that are going on and the lies that are being told. But, you know, times have changed."
There is no rational way to understand American actions without Yinon.  Of course Yinon is Jewish supremacism, and has nothing whatsoever to do with American national interests.

"Unravelling the mystery of the Missing Booksellers" Have the Chinese discovered a cure for Sorositis?

"Globe and Mail columnist Margaret Wente caught up in plagiarism scandal — again"  "Did The Globe’s Margaret Wente Plagiarize This Column, Too?"

"Human rights complaint filed against Canada Post and federal government over ‘offensive’ newspaper".  Warman's business model was wrecked when they changed the wording of human rights legislation, but he's got a new spin. It is going to cost $1000 to mail a letter in Canada as some official is going to have to vet everything that goes through the mail and chuck out everything that doesn't pass the smell test.

"New accusations of antisemitism thrown at the left are flimsy" 
Very encouraging, and long overdue, development:  "New Best Thing Yet: The Holocaust is White Privilege".

Stupid following of the script:  "The Real Reason Saudi Arabia Killed Doha".  Extremely smart: "Why the Saudi Princes are Panicked"

"Syria: Aleppo is Burning and Western Media is Silent"

"The Strange Death of Hugo Chavez: an Interview with Eva Golinger".  Leamsy Salazar.  

Part of a multi-country program by Barry, Nobel Peace Prize winner and simply the most progressive man who has ever lived:  "The Empire of Chaos Strikes Back".  While Barry stumbles around wrecking things, the Chinese build their strength through economic development:  "Eurasia Silk Road Economic Transformation"
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