Tuesday, May 03, 2016


Tweet (WikiLeaks):
"Panama Papers not to be published or given to police/lawyers as money is moved and evidence destroyed http://www.dw.com/en/from-germany-to-the-us-authorities-want-access-to-panama-papers/a-19209191 …"
A film review: "Michael Moore's new movie, "Where to Invade Next"". Remember where Moore gets his financing.

The Angry Arab sees himself like some kind of medieval pope, excommunicating on a whim.  Note the laughably slender, but Zionist, grounds used here:  "From my own standpoint, Naz Shah does not belong to our pro-Palestine cause".  Of course the Jews were 'rallying' to the poll, they make public appeals for votes on social media!   The Jews, unlike their opponents, stick together.

Nazis everywhere:  "Mizzou Officials Silent on Anti-Semitism Complaints– Spoke Out For Black Students"

"Foreign Policy Shift: Skepticism of German-Israeli Friendship Growing in Berlin"  You've got to love Bibi's minions announcing Merkel's policies.

The exit poll discrepancies are striking, and enough to flip the race:  "Hillary Clinton and Electoral Fraud".  This looks like an identity politics conspiracy coup, with people in positions of power at low but important levels of the election process, blacks and women, systematically committing vote fraud for Clinton, while the vote suppression is conducted at the highest levels of the Democratic Party.  Needless to say, this isn't happening as it won't be reported anywhere.

Tweet (Andrew Auernheimer):
"Why is no message signed that firmly establishes identity, before going to press? Craig Wright lies. This is a con job."
Tweet (Andrew Kadi) (PEN 'leadership' is an ultra-Zionist joke, no shock given Jewish dominance of the publishing industry, and writers know where their bread is buttered):
"SAME MONTH=&>@PENAmerican on Israel boycott vs letter 2 @enriqueiglesias on Azerbaijan boycott. #PENFest #bds"
"Refugees revive fading Italian villages"

So hilarious:  "The Increasing Problem With the Misinformed"
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