Sunday, July 10, 2016

Skeptical non-interventionism

"The Tory Leadership Mystery: Why Did Michael Gove Betray Boris Johnson?"  Boris is out for being a 'skeptic', if you know what I mean, and Gove stabbed him in the back to enforce 'anti-skepticism'.

"WaPo: Trump, Adviser Carter Page are ‘Broadly Non-Interventionist’".  'Non-Interventionist’ is also a code term.

"James Petras: Imperialism Cannot Be Trusted to Abide by Its Agreements":
"I once went swimming with Papandreou and when we were swimming I saw that there were people in scuba suits and I asked him why these people were swimming around and he said these are my bodyguards because we received intelligence information that the Mossad may try to assassinate the President Papandreou while we were swimming."
"Yale Gets it Wrong"

"Lesser Evil Politics: Really, Noam? Hubert Humphrey?"  People aren't putting up with the Noam lies to promote warmongering Clinton.

"Clintonites in Democratic Party Back Settler Colonialism (Not a 1905 Headline)".

Would be more hilariously stupid if we didn't know this was written by the future Secretary of Defense and a WINEP blood-pouring-from-the-fangs monster:  "A four-point strategy for defeating the Islamic State".

"REVEALED: Leaked tapes expose Western support for renegade Libyan general".  Haftar was stored in the US by the CIA until they had a use for him.

"White House Admits 3x More Money Goes to Prisons than Schools".  Lousy misleading headline, but government priorities are clear, and in a mismanaged economy with no jobs education is a waste and people will be forced to turn to crime.

"The Media Against Jeremy Corbyn".  The (((media))):  "Jewish and Zionist Influence at the BBC".  A comment to a story on Kuenssberg:
"I’d just like to say how splendid it is that a Jew has been appointed to a senior position at the BBC. Jews are massively under represented in roles such as these, and it is heartening to see that the BBC is at least beginning to restore the balance."
"President of the Philippines: “It is the US that Imported Terrorism Into the Middle East!”"

Now that's what I call a conspiracy theory: "Effort To Contain China FAILED: Bangladesh Strike Cuts down Abe’s Covert Naval Gambit"
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