Saturday, July 16, 2016

Sunni populism

From yesterday:

"To overgeneralize, a bit, the two sides would be:

  1. Saudi Arabia/al Qaeda/Sisi/Gülen-CIA; versus
  2. Qatar/ISIS/Erdoğan/Muslim Brotherhood."

There are two paradoxes here.  The CIA is often on the same side as the Muslim Brotherhood as it has been manipulating the Muslim Brotherhood at least since it used it as a tool against Nasser.

The second paradox is al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood being on separate sides.  Al Qaeda's origins are in the. Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood (though there has subsequently been at least a partial falling out).

The Saudis are terrified of the Muslim Brotherhood as the royals feel, probably correctly, that the Sunni conservative populism represented by the Muslim Brotherhood constitutes the main threat to their keeping their heads.  At the same time, the Saudis use al Qaeda, for example in Syria and Yemen, as a proxy army against what they perceive as Shi'ite influence.  It is notable that, in Syria, the Saudi-sponsored terrorists and the Qatari/Turkish-sponsored terrorists both fight the Syrian Army, but also often fight against each other.

The Jews have had spectacular success, with the aid of Bandar Bush, of manipulating the Middle East for Zionist goals.  The Saudi royals are now publicly Zionist (which is insane!).  The essential manipulation is predicated on the idea that the essential threat to Sunnis is not either Jews or internal schisms, but Shi'ites.  The Turkish coup is massively important as it represents a fracture within the politics of the Sunni world.  The tensions are becoming obvious (remember that Hamas cheered when Erdoğan effectively sold out the Palestinian people to the Jews!).

We should note the parallels to the Saudi-CIA operation to remove the democratically-elected Morsi in Egypt.  In that case, the Jews, Americans, and Saudis were on the same side.  That was before the end of the petro-dollar, and the loss of Saudi control over the price of oil.  Now we're seeing a Saudi-American attack on a major ally of the Jews.  The next logical step and response would be efforts to destabilize Saudi Arabia, and a break in the Wahhabist-Zionist alliance.

'Coincidences' associated with the Turkish coup:
  1. "Kerry, Lavrov Hold Moscow Talks" and
  2. "Is Kerry Right? Are Freemen of Syria and Army of Islam Radical Terrorists?".

This seems like another paradox, but perhaps not, if the trade-off for CIA assistance to the Saudis, through its asset Gülen, is the shift away from the Saudis seeing Shi'ites as the big threat to the Saudi royals, to seeing Sunni populism as the big threat.
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