Saturday, August 06, 2016

Death list

"Lead Attorney In Anti-Clinton DNC Fraud Case Mysteriously Found Dead".  With Clinton power, the death list ramps up again.

"Pro-Israel Groups Smear the Movement for Black Lives for its Solidarity With Palestine".  It all comes down to the universal battle against supremacism.  See also:  "The Shocking Story of Israel’s Disappeared Babies".

"Is the “Leaning Tower of San Francisco” the Only One?".  Note the cutting of corners to save money (should I note that a 'terrorist' attack would fix everybody's problem?).  Symbolic, like the F-35, or:  "US Navy's newest $12.9bn supercarrier doesn't work: Most expensive warship ever built not ready for battle".

"US think-tank suggests cyber-attacks on Moscow Metro, St. Pete power grid, RT offices"  From 2010:  "The Insiduous Role of the Atlantic Council: Securing The 21st Century For NATO"
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