Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Snowden tweets.

"Powerful NSA espionage tools with code names like ‘Epicbanana’ exposed online":
"The disclosure of the file means that at least one other party — possibly another country’s spy agency — has had access to the same hacking tools used by the NSA and could deploy them against organizations that are using vulnerable routers and firewalls. It might also see what the NSA is targeting and spying on. And now that the tools are public, as long as the flaws remain unpatched, other hackers can take advantage of them, too."
So, it's probable that none of this would have happened had the Clintonistas and various neocons not tried to blame the Russians as a deflection/warmongering strategy.  We'll see if the guilty are told (from the highest American levels) to take the hint and tone it down a notch.
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