Thursday, September 01, 2016

Yinon or non-Yinon?

"Paul Wolfowitz in the wilderness".  How do you identify a violent racist group supremacist?  No regrets.  He got exactly what he and his fellow group supremacists wanted.  The comments are fun.

"The Neocon in the Oval Office".

"Some Important Things That Really Do Matter About Hillary Clinton".

The only real Clintonista argument is that Trump is too dangerous/crazy a choice for president, so when he stands on a stage with a world leader, appearing perfectly in place and perfectly rational, it is a bit of a problem. "Donald Trump just owned Mexico's president".

"Behind the Bolivia Miner Cooperatives’ Protests and the killing of the Bolivian Vice-Minister".  American neoliberalism.

"Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff, a Woman of Honor, Confronts Senate of Scoundrels".  It would have been an insult had they not impeached her.

"Ukraine and the Dumbed-Down New York Times Columnist".  It used to be when the NYT lied about something, they knew they were lying, but it is quite possible that today's 'journalists' are just so dumb they believe their own propaganda.

"U.S. Strategy to Fight ISIS Has Set Off a New Conflict in Syria" versus "A Deal Over Syria That Left The U.S. Out".  Unless the coup was complete theater, it would seem odd for Erdoğan to promote the policies of the Americans who just tried to have him slaughtered, the Yinon policies of the people in Tel Aviv who tell the Americans what to do.  It is also odd, if Erdoğan is really up to no good, that the Syrian-Russian-Iranian axis is so calm about it.

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