Wednesday, October 19, 2016

'Complicated' past

"New FBI Docs Expose "Shadow Government" Protected Hillary In Email Investigation":
". . . Bill has a "complicated" past with the "Energizer" that includes a $2mm payment from the Clinton Global Initiative to her "home insulation business" and curious circumstances surrounding an $812,000 government contract awarded to her by Energy Secretary Stephen Chu."
"Hillary’s Hide-and-Seek".

"Texas: Who killed Motorola and why? I'll tell you ..."  "The Murder of Motorola – Questions Which Must be Answered".

"British conspiracy theorist who was found dead on a sofa in Poland was 'investigating an alleged US Army pedophilia ring' just before his death".

"With NSA contractor Martin arrested, other leakers may still be at large".  Snowden II still out there.

Tweet (John Delacour):
"⤷ Glad to see #SAA is fully aware of the schemes of the #US-led coalition to flood #Syria with #ISIS terrorists & complicate matters."
"Bob Dylan’s embrace of Israel’s war crimes".

"I Am Fully Capable of Entertaining Myself in Prison for Decades If Need Be":
"Which reminds me of one more funny story. Aside from HBGary Federal and Endgame Systems and an obscure junior partner firm called Berico, there was one other corporation that completed the Themis private black ops outfit, which, you’ll remember, was caught plotting illegal hacking and disinformation campaigns against journalists and NGOs with the connivance of the DOJ. That firm was Palantir, where at least a half-dozen employees were shown to be involved in Themis by email threads in which the plans were formulated — among them, the firm’s lead counsel, Matthew Long. Another email indicated that Palantir’s CEO was also made aware of Themis. Palantir’s most demonstrably active participant, Matthew Steckman, was put on leave pending an “investigation” into his conduct but he was quietly brought back on after the press lost interest. Today he’s head of business operations and works in D.C. No one was indicted in connection to Themis except for me, and then, later — when I refused to cooperate with law enforcement against other activists — my mother, who was charged with obstruction of justice for moving my laptops to a kitchen cabinet to hide them from the FBI agents who were congregating outside her house, waiting to execute a search warrant on behalf of the government agency that I’d angered with my investigations into the criminal conduct of its corporate partners.

The chairman and co-founder of Palantir is Peter Thiel — the same man who more recently funded the lawsuit that destroyed Gawker, a media outlet that had angered him, and who served as the final speaker at the Republican National Convention. His firm continues to work closely with the U.S. intelligence community."
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