Saturday, October 01, 2016

Ignorant children

"COVER-UP? New Details from Orlando Shooter’s Crisis Call Casts Light on FBI".  Multiple layers of oddities.

"Strange Deaths of JPMorgan Workers Continue".  This was a weird death story before it became a weird JPMorgan death story.

"US State Department promises terrorist attacks against Russia".  "Syria - The U.S. Propaganda Shams Now Openly Fail".  "Facts on the Ground: Syrian SAA Forces with Support of Russia Liberating Aleppo, against the “US Supported Terrorists”".  "NYT: U.S. military intervention in Syria is not intervention".  "How the US Armed-up Syrian Jihadists".  Ha!:  "Syria conflict: US says Russia driving rebels into extremists' camp".

"The Betrayal of Syria: The US, France, and Britain’s UN Ambassadors and the United Nations".

"The Official and Implausible MH-17 Scenario" (Parry).

"U.N news agency scrubs tweet calling on Americans abroad to 'end Trump'".

"The Complete A To Z Of Nations Destroyed By Hillary Clinton's "Hubris"".

"It increasingly became clear that the government, with the assistance of at least some of the Panamanian members of the commission, had a purpose other than reforming the system in a transparent way."

"Unreliability, Spinelessness of the Western “Left”".  Not just unhelpful, but an important negative force in the world, and it is useful to understand that.

"Hillary mocks Sanders supporters as ignorant children."  Hillary's candid appraisal of the state of the nation and the state of the election.

"Obama compares Peres to Mandela at Jerusalem funeral".  A joke, perhaps?  Or just the usual cruising for shekels?  "An Overview: Apartheid South Africa & Israel".

"How the manufactured anti-Semitism crisis is destroying UK Labour".  Eventually, everyone is faced with the choice of looking after the building of the Jewish Empire, or stark self-preservation.  You can't have both.

You have to read this Florida-style story from Canada:  "No charges for OPP after man locks himself in cruiser with baby".
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