Sunday, October 23, 2016

"It’s like nobody wants to sort this out"

"NSA Whistleblower: US Intelligence Worker Likely Behind DNC Leaks, Not Russia".

"Nation State Threat Attribution: a FAQ".  As we always see in these matters, any and all of the 'evidence' can easily be, and would be in any false-flag situation, spoofed.  There is no possible way to tell a spoof from a non-spoof.

"Evidence ties Russia to Podesta and Powell email hacks".  Read to the end.

"What Is Russia Trying to Achieve?"  Color revolution!  You Soros, bro?

"Hacked Cameras, DVRs Powered Today’s Massive Internet Outage".  Not Russian.

Given the relative vulnerabilities of the United States and the Russians, it is more than curious - baffling, really - that the US would pick a cyberwar fight with the Russians.  All for a distraction from the revelations of Hillary's mass criminality.
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