Thursday, October 13, 2016

Pure incendiary truth

Big Jew has pushed Trump to the breaking point, to giving a speech that consists of big chunks of pure incendiary truth.  Scroll down to the video, and start about 1:12.  Lots from the invisible WikiLeaks leaks.

Tweet (Jeb Boone):
"A good portion of Trump's speech is code for conspiracy theories regarding a Jewish new world order and a global government. No, seriously."
It is curious that some prominent Trump supporters have already given up, especially when there are still reputable polls showing that this is a tied race. Given the extreme lack of enthusiasm of young and internet-informed - as opposed to (((media)))-'informed' - voters for Crooked Hillary, third party candidates are going to take votes that would have gone to the Democrat.  Even if Hillary's neurologists somehow prevent her from having another public fit in the next few weeks, Trump still has a shot.
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