Friday, October 14, 2016

Reactions to the truth speech

"The Hate Comes Home To Roost".  "Nationalism Into the Abyss".

Tweet (Todd Zwillich):
"Some thoughts about Trump's Florida speech today 1/"

"World Jewry Goes Into Red Alert at Trump’s Historic Speech Denouncing International Finance, Globalism and the Media".

"This Time (((We))) Really Mean It: Donald J. Trump is Literally Hitler™".

Tweet (Kaoru Shimitsu):
"No, it's not presidential.

But none of us care, because Trump is not an unmitigated, total and terrifying monster."
Tweet (Publius Gaius):
"This counterattack by Trump is a total game-changer. Hillary overreached. It reminds me 100% of when Ted Cruz overreached in Colorado."
Tweet (Jared Wyand) (the important realization that is keeping Trump's popularity from crashing in the unprecented (((media))) onslaught):
"We're being told by a media machine that because of Trump's debauchery, we have to default to complete government corruption."
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