Thursday, October 20, 2016

Summers' lousy tradecraft

"CNN Anchor Warns: ‘Illegal’ For You To Look At WikiLeaks".

"CNN "Loses" Satellite Feed Just As Republican Congressman Mentions WikiLeaks".  "CNN cuts Congressman off 3 seconds after he mentions Wikileaks".

Marshall, always beneath contempt, who presumably calls himself a 'journalist', at his absolute lowest:  "Yo, Where's My Wifi? - The Julian Assange Story".

"US and Ecuador deny conspiring to take Julian Assange offline".

"Ecuador Admits They Silenced Assange Because Clinton Leaks Were “Interfering” With US Election".

"Washington moves to silence WikiLeaks".  The Goldman Sachs economic hold over Ecuador probably explains it.

"Fail Plot: CIA Attempts to Frame Julian Assange in Absurd Pedophile Hoax".

"Hillary Clinton Linked To Mysterious Front Associated with Julian Assange Pedophile Smear" (a sloppy job!):
"Internet sleuths from Reddit were able to dig up some information about the dating service pushing the attacks on Assange, finding that the company shares the address with a private intelligence corporation named Premise Data Corporation.

Interestingly, Larry Summers, who is connected to the Clinton Campaign, is on the board of directors of Premise Data Corporation."
"Connecting the front to Clinton further, co-founder of Premise Data David Soloff has met with both Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine this year."
"Background and Documents on Attempts to Frame Assange as a Pedophile and Russias spy".

"Did We Just See The Beginnings Of A False Flag Attempt To Silence WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange?"

Raw material:  "We understand the family involved are Canadian nationals, who were on a month long yachting vacation through the Bahamas, and residing as guests of Mrs. Mavis Darling-Hill, at the Darling-Hill’s poolside residence in the Blair Estates area of Nassau, New Providence."  "Pictured from left to right: Mavis Darling Hill, Founder of the Kingdor National Parkinson Foundation".  "Kingdor National Parkinson Foundation Making Moves In The Bahamas".  "RBC SPONSORS THE KINGDOR NATIONAL PARKINSON FOUNDATION".  Parkinson?  Seriously?

The irony is that if not for the embarrassing tools of the US, Sweden and the Brits, Assange would already have died at the hands of a Clinton assassination team.  They've already tried (Assange's assassination would have been described as the unfortunate result of a burglary gone bad)  "Ecuadorian Embassy break-in: Police took 2hrs to reach building where Assange is holed up".  The two-hour response time, when the embassy is surrounded by cops watching Assange, is the definitive key here.

Daily Kos tried to run with the slur, but when it fell apart, with Clinton fingerprints all over it, ran away sceaming.

"UK media tries to spin NatWest’s closure of RT’s British accounts, but facts remain the same".

"'Russian Hacker' Arrested In Prague Last Week, Announcement "Tactically Delayed" Until Day Of US Debate".
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