Saturday, October 08, 2016

The mainstream liberal consensus

"Wikileaks Releases Hillary's Paid Wall Street Speech Transcripts: Hundreds Of "Sensitive" Excerpts".  Will Trump use any of this primo ammo in the debate, or pull a Bernie and let her get away with it?

"White House Intervened To Suppress Hillary 'Secret Server' Scandal, Leaked Emails Reveal".  We're seeing a surprising concerted effort from Barry to get Hillary elected, particularly when you consider how much he hates her (with ample justification).  I'm thinking, yes, shekels, Barry the Billionaire gets to be Barry the Billionaire on the condition from Big Jew that he helps her.

"‘Attack, attack, attack’ — Leaked emails show panicked Netanyahu rallying Clinton and US Jews against BDS".  Yet various American exceptionalists keep insisting that Assange is just a Zionist shill!

"Leaked Videos Pull Back Curtain on Mormon Leadership":
". . . former Senator Gordon H. Smith, a Republican of Oregon, shared with the apostles that he voted in favor of the Iraq War partly because he believed it could open the region for Mormon missionaries.

“If that succeeds, there will be an opportunity to begin building the church in the Middle East, which is a deeply troubled place,” said Mr. Smith, who at the time had recently lost a re-election campaign after two terms in the Senate.

He also told the apostles that Iran was close to having enough fissile material to create a nuclear bomb, information he said “may be classified.” He volunteered that he had persuaded the Indian ambassador to give visas to 200 Mormon missionaries and had pushed government officials in Spain, Italy, Belgium and Russia to give missionaries greater access.

Mr. Smith, now president and chief executive of the National Association of Broadcasters, declined to comment, but said through a spokesman that nothing he told the apostles was classified information.".

"Syria - Is The U.S. Preparing A "False Flag" Bombing?".  Barry's in a delicate position - he'll be ranked as the worst American president ever if he starts a big war, yet there are all those precious, precious shekels to be gathered . . . .  Some form of 'they started it!' would be useful.

"A Blatant Neo-Con Lie".  "A Government is Seizing Control of Our Election Process, and It Is Not the Russians".

"The Forgotten Libyan Lessons and the Syrian War".  "The Dangers from ‘Humanitarian’ Wars".  The problem with respectable analysis - which is to say, analysis which doesn't mention Big Jew - is that it is hollowed out of the compelling truth which might lead to positive action.

"What if Trump and Clinton Have the Same Core Beliefs?".  I find it odd that many say Americans have to vote Clinton as Trump is literally the devil, when there is not a hairsbreadth of difference between them, and Trump is much more likely to have less of a harmful effect on human beings (particularly if you consider the effects of illegal wars, which are invisible to American exceptionalists).  It is weird and bizarre that the focus is on the 'wall' and mass deportations, when it is clear that more people will be deported in a Clinton administration than a Trump administration (just look at what Barry is doing, and imagine it worse).

As an example, the kind of baffling assumption I see everywhere:
"I’m not going to vote for Donald Trump. I agree with the mainstream liberal consensus that he should never hold political power, much less control over nuclear launch codes. He’s dangerous and scary."
It is long past time for people to admit that the 'the mainstream liberal consensus' is complete garbage.  What further evidence do you need?

"George Soros Slams Putin For "Heinous Crimes Against Humanity"".  How soon we forget that the currency manipulation of Soros in eastern Europe and Asia for his own profit is responsible for mass human suffering, making Soros one of the greatest villains in human history.  This is indisputable, and, of course, forgotten by the (((media))).

"The West’s Weaponisation of Corruption Indexes".

"A NOBEL LIE: CNN’s Claim That ‘White Helmets Center in Damascus’ Was Hit by a Barrel Bomb".  Ticks most of the boxes but they somehow forgot the poison gas.

"Argentina Not Only Wants To Bring In E-Voting, It Will Make It Illegal To Check The System For Electoral Fraud".

Jewed-up France in a nutshell:  "The French delegation at the UN yesterday posted a picture of Israeli destruction of Gaza and said it was from Aleppo: they later deleted their tweet".

Tweet ((((YousefMunayyer)))) (on response to an article about more phony complaints from the US government while Barry the Billionaire sleeps on a pile of shekels):
"WOW! Look at the Top Readers' Selected Comments on this @nytimes article on Israeli settlements …"
The satirists can't keep up.
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