Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Very cool!

"Hillary Confirms Saudi Arabia, Qatar Fund ISIS In Leaked Email".

"Leaked Emails Expose Tight Link Between CNBC And Clinton Campaign".

"“So We have Two Hillary Clintons”… Wikileaks and Hillary Clinton’s View on Banking, Finance and Trade".

Catfood Clinton (I really, really hope that the old women who vote for Hillary enjoy their Fancy Feast!):  "Hillary Clinton, In Paid Speeches To Wall Street, Promoted Commission That Pushed Social Security Cuts".

It is really hil-arious how anti-progressive she is:  "Center for American Progress Advised Clinton Team Against $15 Minimum Wage, Leaked Emails Show".

On Chelsea:  "She is acting like a spoiled brat kid who has nothing else to do but create issues to justify what she's doing because she, as she has said, hasn't found her way and has a lack of focus in her life."

On Bill:  "I had a multi-email exchange with someone in the media this morning---a name you would know---who is telling me that there are people close to the Clintons who says WJC's sex life could be damaging to her. I responded that I totally disagree with that, that WJC's presidency and his personal appeal are huge assets and that I do not believe people who are the closest to the Clintons believe what this person in the media is hearing from somebody.".

"Trump campaign manager: Members of Congress have assaulted women".  "A rapist in the Oval Office".  I think Trump was genuinely shocked at how low the American Republocrat dirty tricks would sink, particularly considering the hypocrisy of using that particular attack.

"The night Bill Clinton and his loose zipper let Trump dodge the bullet that should have killed his campaign for good - and then walk all over Hillary":
"The truth about this extraordinary election is that nobody really has a clue what will happen in the next 24 hours, let alone 29 days.

Perhaps America’s self-styled ‘smart crowd’ among the Washington, New York and Hollywood elite are right and Hillary will walk it.

Or perhaps what we’re seeing is an almost exact replica of what happened in the UK with the EU Referendum back in June.

The ‘Remain’ camp, led by Prime Minister David Cameron, was cock-sure certain Britain would vote to stay in Europe. That was the only ‘intelligent, logical’ result, surely?

(Full disclosure: I voted Remain)

Especially given he and his team had assured us for months that the Brexit side, led by Trump’s new No1 cheerleader, UKIP leader Nigel Farage, was full of supposedly racist, sexist, homophobic Neanderthals.

Well, we didn’t.

In fact 17 million Brits voted to leave Europe, leaving the ‘smart crowd’ looking woefully arrogant, out-of-touch and complacent.

I smell the same whiffs of sanctimonious superiority pervading the Clinton camp in this US election campaign.

Trump, Hillary’s supporters insist, is a disgusting, bigoted, women-hating, Hitler-esque monster who couldn’t possibly be elected president.

The problem is that’s not what vast swathes of Middle America actually think.

They still see Trump as their billionaire Robin Hood, albeit with rather more personal flaws.

And they loathe Hillary because to them, she’s the walking, breathing, smirking personification of the very Establishment they believe is conspiring to wreck their lives."

Recent voting has been a series of peasant revolts against the credentialed elites - Trump wins if that trend continues in the United States, loses if it does not.  Polls and elite opinion are not relevant.

"Ticker Tape vs Sex Tape: Notes on the Town Brawl in St. Louis".

"U.S. Intelligence meddles in U.S. Presidential election: backs Hillary Clinton, tries to stop Donald Trump".  The eye-opener is how easily the American 'left' went full Joe McCarthy.

"Holder hits Trump for threatening to jail Clinton".  Holder, who failed to prosecute thousands of obvious criminals in the 0.1%, has a lot of nerve.

"Was the Anti-Globalist Movement Infiltrated by Provocateurs?" (Madsen).

"Donald Trump's Four Jewish Dog Whistles of the Second Presidential Debate".  "Puppies And Anti-Semitism: Inside The Rise Of Hungary’s Far-Right".

'Fact checking' is such a credentialed class idea.  "He saved himself, for now ..."  "(((Fact Checker))): A Brand New Euphemism for Lying Jew".  It is amazing how many of these checked facts are obviously wrong or misleading.

"Take This Test to See if You are anti-Semitic!".

"Obama administration is a full partner in the Saudi war crimes in Yemen".

"No Drugs Found In Seychelles Hotel Room Of Two Sisters Found Dead".

"FBI Version Of NY/NJ Bombing Story Sounds Very Familiar".

"US’ Destruction of Syria will take UN With it".  Zionism has destroyed international law as international law doesn't apply to Jews, nor to Jewish proxies.

"The Truth About the War in Aleppo".

"What scared Ukraine’s ‘sex tourists’ away".  Who knew that rabid neo-Nazi gangs roaming the streets committing mayhem might be bad for your only remaining business?

"Why the New Silk Roads Terrify Washington".  The US could have done all the constructive things the Chinese have been doing.  Oh wait, no, the trillions spent on Wars For The Jews means the Americans have no money for such things!

The important news:  "Turkey Diversifies Foreign Policy: Russia and Turkey Agree to Pipeline Deal".  "Turkey And Russia Sign Strategic "Turkish Stream" Gas Pipeline Deal".  The opportunity cost of the innumerable Wars For The Jews is completely lost on Americans.

"Very cool!  Thanks for sharing, Cyrus.  :)"
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