Tuesday, December 06, 2016

27 cents

"Fake News Versus No News":
"There is, however, another country that has interfered in U.S. elections, has endangered Americans living or working overseas and has corrupted America’s legislative and executive branches. It has exploited that corruption to initiate legislation favorable to itself, has promoted unnecessary and unwinnable wars and has stolen American technology and military secrets. Its ready access to the mainstream media to spread its own propaganda provides it with cover for its actions and it accomplishes all that and more through the agency of a powerful and well-funded domestic lobby that oddly is not subject to the accountability afforded by the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) of 1938 even though it manifestly works on behalf of a foreign government. That country is, of course, Israel."
No news for an identical reason:  "Account of Syrians civilians who fled East Aleppo".

"Our Syrian Rebels Are Issuing Threats Via Wapo".  Has to be read in the context of Yinon.

"Dutch politician Geert Wilders is investigated for being an Israeli stooge".

"Israeli Jew Lawyer Wants to Shut Down the First Amendment". "Proposed 'Anti-Semitism Awareness Act' is an Unconstitutional Mess".  American  politicians, forced to choose between their Constitution and shekels, choose shekels.  We're going to see more and more of this as the consequences of bribes by Jewish supremacists work through the system.

"The emergence of a competent syrian Army".

"Looted Palmyra relics reached Switzerland via Qatar".

"WikiLeaks Documents Reveal Sinister Relations Between Erdogan And ISIS".

"Red-Baiting, Putin-Scaremongering Democrats Are Now Suddenly Worried About Offending China".

"NY TIMES PUBLIC EDITOR: Some tweets from our politics reporters 'outrageous' and there 'ought to be some kind of consequence'".  Spontaneous tweets make it difficult to hide the bias.

"Lessig, lawyers to offer support to anti-Trump electors".  Lessig just made a bonfire of his reputation for absolutely nothing.

"Foreclosing On A 90-Year-Old Woman Over 27 Cents And Other Heartwarming Tales From Steven Mnuchin’s Days At Onewest".

"The Person Who Deciphered the Order to Shoot at Kent State".

"Social Security Ain’t Broke".  Tax cuts for the 1% while fighting innumerable Wars For The Jews.

"Trump's Son-In-Law Financed Israeli Extremists and Settlements".   Why is it that every time - every fucking time - you scrape the surface with these guys this is what you find? The Jew-controlled media is portraying him as some kind of political strategic genius, single-handedly winning the Presidency for Trump, but reading between the lines he is really a bit slow:  "Exclusive: The Strange, Complex Education Of Jared Kushner".  His 'brains' consists entirely of inherited money.

"FBI Policy Of Manufacturing Terrorism Plots Reaffirmed By Appeals Court".  The FBI would be out of business if it couldn't manufacture something to do.

The vile trickery of the illegal immigrant continues:  "Liberals’ electoral reform survey silent on alternative systems".

"Canada’s Greens stand up to pro-Israel bullies".  May was 'broken-hearted' at the loss of her precious shekels.

"Ontario lawmakers vote to smear BDS movement" (my emphasis in red!!!):
"Introducing the measure in Thursday’s debate, Progressive Conservative lawmaker Gila Martow likened Palestinians and their allies struggling against Israel’s military occupation, settler-colonialism and systematic discrimination to white supremacists.

We would not be here supporting a Ku Klux Klan on our campuses, so why are we allowing BDS movements and other anti-Jewish communities and anti-Israel organizations to have demonstrations and use our campuses, which are taxpayer-funded?” Martow said."
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