Thursday, December 29, 2016

How to build a Sunni proxy army

"Why the West is Helping ISIS Spread Hysteria Post-Berlin Attack" (Cartalucci).  Simply superb!  You might want to read it in conjunction with:  "German intelligence agent drove alleged perpetrator in Christmas market attack to Berlin".  Just another soldier of the Sunni proxy army being built in Europe.

"Exclusive: ISIS Puts Out Holiday Attack List Of U.S. Churches" (for background on vocativ, see "lisa goldman trying to conceal the fact that she is the new rita katz").  "Islamic State supporters call for more holiday attacks in Europe".  The strategy of tension leads to more hatred and fear of local Muslims, leading to more hate attacks and bigoted talk and legislation from politicians (especially the 'nationalist' ones, who drag the 'reluctant' mainstream politicians along behind them), leading to the creation of more proxy army soldiers for the Yinon armies.  Brilliant!

"German Police Detain Alleged Accomplice To Berlin Truck Attack Suspect".  As with the consistent leaving behind of ID, so with numbers in cell phones:
"The man's telephone number was saved in the cellphone of Anis Amri, the main suspect behind the Dec. 19 truck attack who was killed in a shootout with police in a suburb of Milan early Friday."

"ISIS and al-Nusra Bombs and Shells—Made in US and Germany".  "American and German Munitions Found In Aleppo by Russian Sappers".

"C&L's Good Guys Of The Year: #4 Kurt Eichenwald".  As I keep saying, clarifying.  There is no possible world where Kurt Eichenwald is a 'good guy'. and anybody who says so is definitely not at all good.

"Syria - Peace Talk Rumors And Parameters".  This starting to remind me of Charlie Brown, Lucy, and the football, with Russia consistently giving the Americans the benefit of the doubt as honest players, and consistently being disappointed by Jew-controlled American perfidy.

"Testimony of the Destruction of Eastern Aleppo, Syria. Photographic Evidence".  The human organ eaters and head loppers who did this are the sole heroes left to Americans.  You should grimly reflect on where World Jewry has dragged your souls.  The big propaganda push over alleged crimes by Assad and the Russians is an attempt by the Jew-controlled media to distract from the horrors of their Yinon army.

"Kerry slams Israeli settlement growth as a threat to peace process".  Kerry, late all around, with the 'airing of grievances' so last week.

"George Soros Conjures Hitler In Attack On 'Ascendant Populists', Warns "Democracy Is Now In Crisis"".  Right in the middle of his campaign to deligitimize Trump's election by putting American democracy in crisis!  From a man whose first job was assisting his father in stealing from Jews, something Soros won't apologize for, as if he hadn't done it somebody else no doubt would have!

Israel has an interesting 'democracy', set up to give full power to the tiniest minority of settler supremacists, with the country's leadership based, not on voting, but by rigged 'coalition building' - Israel is a country that could desperately use first past the post, but then, of course, the settlers would lose their power - and the selective application of the criminal law if anyone fails to follow the script.  "Netanyahu to be investigated for bribery, fraud — report".  All Israeli leaders are chosen on the basis of how crooked they are to allow for this eventuality.  Apparently, some feel that Bibi's recent frothing at the mouth at the Americans isn't good host management by the parasite, so a secret ongoing investigation comes to light to attempt to rein him in.

"Behind the real US strategic blunder in Syria".  The least convincing thing ever written by Porter,  just terrible, based on its missing the J-word.

"In Bahrain woman's slaying, accusations of royal involvement".

More wasted riyals:  "Down the Alt-Right’s Syrian Rabbit Hole".

"MEDIA TRIPWIRE? Ping Pong Pizza Conspiracy Propels Internet Censorship Amid ‘Fake News’ Witch-Hunt".  Pizzagate is ridiculous - the 'analysis' reminds me of numerology - but given the known history of child abuse rings in Washington, with intelligence agencies using blackmail to control politicians (the most obvious example being Epstein's Lolita Express to Orgy Island on behalf of the Mossad), it is inconceivable that some key players in the Clinton campaign weren't subject to such control.  What is Erik Prince up to, and why?  You get the strong whiff that Pizzagate is a controlling threat, that the real stuff would come out if people don't play their assigned roles.

"Christmas Surprise" (Shamir):
"The world will set itself free of Jewish hegemony, but this complicated transition calls for using one bunch of Jews against another one. Or so the politicians feel. However, the moment of freedom is approaching. As the US hegemony declines, the Jewish one follows it into decline. Trump won though the Jewish media, Masters of Discourse were against him. This lesson will be learned by politicians, and implemented.

Israeli behaviour contributed a lot to the change. The white people like fair play: they gave full rights to Jews and blacks though it was not to their advantage. But the Jews do not care for the fairness, just for the bottom line. Their mistreatment of Palestinians exceeded every limit of tolerance. They could relinquish Palestine altogether and live well on 78% of its territory they got by means fair and foul. They could have the Two States’ Solution, where Palestinian state has no control over its borders, skies, water or military, but still has a flag and a national anthem.

Or, if they want the whole land of Palestine, they should treat Palestinians fairly, give them rights in one state, instead of slowly planting more Jewish colonies on the stolen Palestinian land while claiming to pursue Two States track. But the Jews preferred to have their cake and eat it. Such a trick may work for a while, but not forever, and thus Zionists learned the limits of their power."

The lesson that should come from this is that, while you can't weaken Jewish power, you can manipulate things by cleverly pitting one group of Jewish machers against another, based on their differing views of the tactics of Jewish empire building.
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