Saturday, January 14, 2017


"What she was not prepared to explain was why, as an ex-employee, he was afforded the protection of a special notice, 'a D notice', to try to conceal his identity."

Tweets by Christo Grozev on the December 26 death in Moscow of Oleg Erovinkin.  "Top Rosneft Exec Found Dead in Moscow".  "Former Russian FSB agent, Rosneft official found dead in Moscow".  "Former KGB agent and Kremlin’s most reliable man, Oleg Erovinkin, found dead on the backseat of a black Lexus":
"Yves Chandelon, NATO chief auditor on terrorist financing and money laundering, was also found dead in his car on 16th December."
"Trump's Enemies See an Opening".

"Let us not forget, Senator McCain had an assistant fly all the way to London to get a copy of the report, in early December 2016, a copy he then personally handed over to FBI director Comey asking him to look into it. The report had been floating around Washington for weeks, all the FBI had to do was to pick it up basically, yet it took that move by McCain to bring the document to the attention of the Bureau, which was as clueless about the specifics of the allegations as the rest of the IC, if we are to believe DNI Clapper."

"Controversial Dossier on Trump Alleges That Russia Targets Jewish-American Businessmen".  Lots of code here for the concept of dual loyalty, and anti-treasonous attempts of Russia to deal with it.

Interstitiality is a term recently popularized in identity politics (see also intersectionality).  It was big in the Clinton campaign.  We used to call it 'double-dipping', the idea that various people ought to be able to get multiple gibs based on falling in multiple categories of victimhood.  Politics is reduced to the calculation of how much people are owed based on the number and type of oppressions they face.   The Trump hatred is so interstitial that the BuzzFeed attack was inevitable (and actually a strong tribute to Trump in that he scares so much Evil):

  1. BigJew and World Jewry who control the media hate Putin due to his effective blocking of the expansion of the Zionist Empire, and hate Trump for his isolationism and rebuttal of identity politics;
  2. the Ukrainians hate Putin for his deft recovery from the effects of the Maidan color revolution, and hate Trump out of sheer terror that he won't restart the Cold War, which they perceive as literally their last hope;
  3. The CIA hates Trump out of fear he will side with the Pentagon and vastly reduce CIA influence and corruption;
  4. Old cold warriors like McCain hate Trump due to his isolationism and sanity with respect to American-Russian relations;
  5. MI6 sides with their pals/bosses in the CIA; and
  6. There is likely treason within the Russian government by those assisting in the fabrication (and there may be NATO involvement, given the loss of power to NATO bureaucrats should any peace break out).
It is unwise to refer to this as a 'deep state' attack, as that obfuscates the nature and identity of the very identifiable actors involved, who have varying motives for the attack.  In fact, the failure of the attack to gain much traction outside the Jew-controlled media is evidence that other big players who are also parts of the deep state are still siding with Trump.  There are actually American patriots who who dislike Trump but find this kind of attempt at a foreign coup disturbing.
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