Monday, January 30, 2017

Into the garbage

"Donald Trump vs. Jackie Walker" (Atzmon).  The big target of the Nazis was Slavs, and all the other groups - Jews, Roma, and various 'defectives' - pale in comparison.  Given that the big holocausts of today are being perpetrated by Jews or those shekeled enough to work for Jews, it is nothing short of obscene to emphasize Jewish suffering (and even more obscene in a world poisoned by Jew-financed Islamophobia).

"Trump’s ban would not exclude Osama Bin Laden or the vast majority of the 9/11 cells, which is almost amusing."  Since 9-11 was a false flag, and al Qaeda is now, with ISIS, the only true ally left to the Americans, Trump's Jew-directed list is oddly appropriate.  It really does make American exceptionalists look like shit when they quibble in a cruel and incompetent way about relatively tiny numbers of human beings fleeing the disasters caused by the very same American exceptionalists.

Note that our collective failure to name and shame the guilty behind the organized Islamophobia program leaves us powerless to do anything to stop the Evil.

Silicon valley and the education-industrial complex are upset.  Trump's fecklessness, and insouciance at the needlessly created suffering, and the consequent insecurity, are going to make American universities a hard sell for the global 1% looking to educate their children.

"This is very cute: New York Times leaves out that Tump today received praise from Netanyahu".

Part of a comment by Carolinian at Naked Capitalism:
"And as Greenwald rightly points out it’s really the pundits and MSM who are doing a 180 since it wasn’t that long ago they were spouting off about “islamofascism” and buying into the Israeli line that Arabs and other Muslims are natural born killers. After 9/11 the media eagerly promoted security theater like the color coded terror alerts and the over the top airport inspections that we still endure. Trump’s Muslim ban idea doesn’t seem to have popped into his head until the San Bernardino shooting during the campaign and its attendant 24/7 cable network coverage. Perhaps the MSM should be complaining that he spends too much time watching them."

Note how nervous the 1% get when you shut down the airports.

"Is Soros On The Ropes?" (Madsen).  The Soros business model is to use his influence as a BigJew to implement social and political changes, then use his insider knowledge to place big financial bets on the successful outcome of those changes.  It doesn't work in an era when people are informed enough to do the opposite of what they are told to do.

The Saudi princes who aren't on Trump's list - but really should be - are terrified of Gabbard:  "The (literal) fascists who took Tulsi Gabbard to meet Assad".  See also:  "Tulsi Takes on the Syria Lie Narrative" for more of the same from Americans.  Also:  "SYRIA: The Demonization of President Assad and US Hypocrisy".

"Torture Produces Fake News—and That’s How We Got Into Iraq".  Good for 'Langley', whose CIA pals won't be happy to see this.

"A former Goldman colleague recently asked me whether it was just possible that Mnuchin was a good person."

Despite the fact that modern mainstream media coverage often appears to be randomly wrong as a result of sheer incompetence, there is actually a method behind the lies:  "Libyan Labels: a journey through the Guardian’s coverage of the Libyan disaster".  See also:  "The Rebranding of the Anti-Syria Left" ("its kind of weird how you all re-branded at the same time").

He is running for President!:  "Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg drops case to acquire Hawaiian land".

"Celtic fans launch petition asking Rod Stewart to cancel Tel Aviv gig saying they’re ‘shocked’ at him breaching boycott".

The layers of ironies!:  "Anne Frank Today Is a Syrian Girl".  Yet it is still possible to turn Kristof into an anti-Semite on the general theory that no suffering equals Jewish suffering!:  "Nicholas Kristof’s Obscene Comparison: Injured Syrian Girl Is Not Anne Frank".  ("What the Holocaust establishment will never say about Anne Frank").

"Woman at center of Emmett Till case tells author she fabricated testimony".

It continues to amuse that the Jew-controlled media fixates on Bannon, a 'Hollywood' financier, as a 'Nazi'. "Jewish Takeover - National Security Council". "Bannon's Deathly Hand"."White House Staff Reminded To Place Lids Firmly On Trash Cans After Steve Bannon Gets Into Garbage Again".
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