Sunday, January 08, 2017

Lost so big

I like to link to the batshit insane, but clarifying nonsense:  "Russian treachery is extreme and it is everywhere".  "Neo-Liberal paranoia is extreme, and it is everywhere".  Of course, it is the typical mistake to blame this on neo-liberalism and not the current obsession of Jewish supremacists in eliminating Putin as obstacle to Greater Israel.  "Why Nick Cohen is A Jew, Always Been A Jew. And You Will Never Be a Jew" (Atzmon).  See also, from February 11, 2016:  "Putin is a bigger threat to Europe’s existence than Isis" by George Soros.

"The Utter Stupidity of the New Cold War".

"End All the Craziness Over North Korea".  After Libya, the Americans have zero credibility left with which to make peace deals.

"Two (unnoticed) important revelations from US Intelligence report on Russian hacking".  "Lead U.S. Intelligence Agency Admits Wikileaks’ Democratic Emails Are Authentic".

""We Regret The Error": CNN Apologizes To Assange For Pedophilia Accusation, Issues Retraction".  I can't help but detect extreme panic in both the Jew-controlled media and the American intelligence bureaucracy.

"wikileaks tweet medley for the day".

Press conference tomorrow!

Sloppy CIA recycling!:  "Shocker: 'Proof' of Russia's Trump Support Was Compiled During Obama's Election".

"'Clinton quite effective at discrediting herself' Ex-CIA analyst blasts hacking claims".

""They Lost So Big" - Trump Blasts "Embarrassed Democrats" For Russian Hacking Report".  "Intelligence Report On Russian Election Influence Is A Flop".  "Intelligence report offers no evidence of Russian hacking of US election".  "Why doubts still cloud Russian hacking allegations". "CIA Liars, Torturers, Murderers: CIA Worse Than Useless".  The problem is that so many Americans who saw Hillary as just a grifter accurately see this whole fandango as part of the same grift, and it reminds them that the CIA is just another lying con-job.  It would be an excellent time to blow it to smithereens.

"Comparing: Putin Ordered ‘Influence Campaign’ Aimed at U.S. Election, Report Says".  Mainly removing reference to the British.

"America, Meet Your CIA Venture Capital 'Angel' In-Q-Tel Investing, in Numerous Silicon Valley Start-ups".

Cloudstrike funding:  "Hillary’s Russia Vendetta – Hack Job?".

"Leaked Sec Kerry Audio that CNN & NY Times Tried to Hide — Confirms US Role in Rise of ISIS":
"Highlighting exactly why WikiLeaks is the gold standard of journalism, both the NY Times and CNN chose to only report on certain aspects of the recording and omitting the most damning comments made by Kerry. Essentially, they attempted to hide from public view the statements that would allow Americans to understand what has actually taken place in Syria – a regime change operation.
The NY Times never published the full audio, only publishing selected snippets, and CNN removed the audio altogether, with an editor’s note stating that they took down the audio recording at the request of some of the participants out of concern for their personal safety.
During the conversation, John Kerry admitted that he pushed for intervention in Syria, but eventually lost the argument.
‘“I lost the argument for use of force in Syria,” John Kerry told the members of the Syrian Opposition.
“The audio gives a glimpse into what goes on outside official meetings. Note that it represents the US narrative and not necessarily the entire true narrative,” according to WikiLeaks.
The leaked recording confirms three clear and important facts that thoroughly destroy the official U.S. stance on Syria the past 5 years, and highlights the convoluted U.S. support of Islamist insurgents in Syria. These facts are likely the reason for this story being buried by the mainstream media.
1. Secretary of State John Kerry admits and outlines the Obama administration’s primary goal in Syria was regime change and the removal of Bahar al-Assad.
2. In order to accomplish the primary goal of regime change, the White House allowed the rise of ISIS. The administration hoped that ISIS’ growing power in Syria would force Syrian President Bashir Assad into a diplomatic solution, on U.S. terms, forcing him to cede power.
3. As a means of accomplishing these two objectives, the U.S. intentionally armed ISIS and even, arguably, attacked a Syrian government military convoy to stop a strategic attack upon the Islamic extremists killing 80 Syrian soldiers."
"Schumer calls flight attendant who told him to turn off cell phone ‘bitch’".  From 2009.

"How America’s Support for Israel Helps Daesh Find New Recruits".

Médicins Sans Crédibilité:   "How We Were Misled About Syria: the role of Médicins Sans Frontières (MSF)" (implicitly endorsing the Ziowahabbist model of using a foreign-funded and -armed terrorist proxy army to enforce Yinon):
"The problem with the false narrative is no trivial one, for it perpetuates a fundamental misrecognition of the causes of the war – and thus of all the casualities the doctors have to deal with.  A false narrative not only gives impunity to the guilty but it supports them in moving ever onwards with their murderous designs. It distracts from the ethical truth, too, that the jihadis and the states supplying them with arms and opportunity are in fundamental breach of the law and morality of just warfare."

"Q&A: David Archambault II, chairman of Standing Rock Reservation"

"Thanks to Putin: Aleppo’s Christians saved from extermination".

"SYRIA: Sultan Erdogan’s Secret Weapon, Elite Squads of Chinese Uyghur Mercenaries".  I don't believe any of this, but it is fun, and based in Turkish irredentism.

"Actor Kal Penn donates MasterChef prize to Palestinian refugees".

Tweet (Rebeno):
"Turkish soldier deployed to Syria poses with racist Grey Wolf (basically Turkish Nazis') sign. Very revealing of Turkish conquest ambitions."

"Cashless Agenda: Who’s Behind It In India?".

"Trump national security pick Monica Crowley plagiarized multiple sources in 2012 book".  Nicely presented!

Tweet (Elias Gideon):
"Trudeau isn't skipping anything, PMs don't attend presidential inaugurations. This headline is dumb. Stop writing dumb headlines."

"Nation With Crumbling Bridges And Roads Excited To Build Giant Wall":
"Harland Dorrinson, the executive director of a Washington-based think tank called the Center for Responsible Immigration, believes that most Americans favor the building of border walls over extravagant pet projects like structurally sound freeway overpasses.

“The estimated cost of a border wall with Mexico is five billion dollars,” he said. “We could easily blow the same amount of money on infrastructure repairs and have nothing to show for it but functioning highways.”

Congress has dragged its feet on infrastructure spending in recent years, but Dorrinson senses growing support in Washington for building a giant border wall. “Even if for some reason we don’t get the Mexicans to pay for it, five billion is a steal,” he said.

While some think that America’s declining infrastructure is a national-security threat, Dorrinson strongly disagrees. “If immigrants somehow get over the wall, the condition of our bridges and roads will keep them from getting very far,” he said."
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