Sunday, January 15, 2017


"In His First Foreign Trip As President, Trump Plans To Meet With Putin In Reykjavik".  "Trump Ensnares Media in Yet Another Fake News Boondoggle".  You have to wonder if this is Trump trying to do the sane, moral and decent thing, but then being shut down by his advisers.

Advisers like the walking cliché of an orthodox Jew slum landlord:  "Jared Kushner, Thug Landlord".  "Jared Kushner's East Village Tenants 'Horrified' Their Landlord Will Be Working in the White House".  Note that the famous old tropes of anti-Semitism are now encouraged and promoted if they are an attack on Trump.

"Israel insists attack on soldiers in occupied territory is “terror”". "What standards do you want to impose on the right of the Palestinians to resist occupation? Attacks on soldiers is terrorism?". 'Terrorism' is a meaningless propaganda term created to allow Jews to slaughter people and steal their land.  The tender feelings of violent racist group supremacists in the Jew-controlled media:  "New York Times editor says attack on soldiers “felt like terrorism”".

"US intel sources warn Israel against sharing secrets with Trump administration".  If you think about this for just a moment you will realize that we would not have heard about it if there were any truth to it.  It is just another part of the campaign by World Jewry against Trump.

Hi, Haim!:  "Gizmodo Joins Fake News Bandwagon".  Do you think it is more likely that RT controls CNN's news feed, or CNN?  That scoundrel Putin is omnipotent!

This is an example of amazing, and extremely dangerous, fake news:  "Iran repopulates Syria with Shia Muslims to help tighten regime's control".

Still extremely weird - I assume, unprecedented - that Jeb! started paying for the oppo and then the Democrats picked up the rest of the bill:  "Confirmed: "Unknown" Republican, Democrat Paid For Anti-Trump Report".

The nexus of Steele as found on LinkedIn:  "The Trump Dossier: Created by Spies”R”Us?".

Twitter thread by Bassem on the Atlantic Council.

"Hungary Cracks-Down on all Soros Funded NGOs".  Soros' stooge has already announced that the laws of Hungary do not apply to Soros:  "Hungarian attack on George Soros prompts NGO anger".  "George Soros: The Man Behind the Mayhem".

There is some fairly amazing wackadoodle conspiracy tweeting going on concerning Trump/Putin/Assange.

"UK: Corbyn calls for probe into Israeli 'interference'".  "AIPAC’s secretive strategy to transform UK politics".  "Who is lying about Israeli embassy agent Shai Masot?".  "Is Labour Friends of Israel an Israeli embassy front?".  The patience of the goyim only seems limitless.  This is part of the new awakening of the peasants.  Tweet (George Galloway):
"The 2015/16 tropes about "anti-Semitism" in the Labour Party constituted a giant hoax. And they were orchestrated by the Israeli embassy."

This is one brave actor:  "Kal Penn’s primetime shoutout to Palestinian refugees is gift that keeps on giving".

"Inside Quebec's far right: Radical groups push extreme message".

"Survivors claim Myanmar Army taking away young Rohingya women as sex slaves".

"Fort Lauderdale Shooting: FBI Involvement In Another Act Of Violence".  This site has gone completely off the rails since Trump.  Note the ridiculous 'mind control'/'pushed over the edge' theory, in place of the far more likely scenario of FBI manipulation into becoming a patsy.

"The Rotten Apple in The Prince’s Crown".

"US politicians vote against bill to ban them from 'sexual contact' with their interns" (South Dakota):
"Representative David Lust said: “I'm hesitant to pass something when we get into itemising every potential wrongdoing that a legislator could commit, lest this become a criminal code rather than a code of ethics.”"

Tweet (Taydolf Swiftler).
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