Thursday, January 19, 2017

Peyton Manning

"Clemency denied!"

Tweet (Adam H. Johnson):
"this interview is so fucking bizarre"
"This Guy Tricked Infowars Into Publishing A Completely Fake Report On Trump".

"Before there was ‘fake news’ there was Judith Miller".

"McCain’s Hypocrisy Has No Bounds".

"Tulsi Gabbard leaves questions marks over Bashar Assad meeting during secret Syria trip".  Working for Trump?

"Ukrainian president: US should 'be great again' by confronting the 'global threat' of Russia".

"What Does Vladimir Putin See in Donald Trump?".  "Russia’s American coup".  "How Putin Played the Far Left".

Sam, with tears in her eyes, picks up her last pallet of shekels.  Never fear, there will be plenty of think-tank shekeling to come!

"Egyptian Court Rejects Transfer Of Two Red Sea Islands To Saudi Arabia, Setting Stage For "Iran Pivot"".  Curious absence of mention that these islands are occupied by Israel.

"Venezuela: Opposition Deputy Found with Explosives, Arrested".
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