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Tweet (Eric Geller) (and here I was sure it was going to be pr0n, but it was just Yahoo):
"The Post now reports that the Vermont utility hack was just an employee connecting to a flagged IP address... https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/russian-government-hackers-do-not-appear-to-have-targeted-vermont-utility-say-people-close-to-investigation/2017/01/02/70c25956-d12c-11e6-945a-76f69a399dd5_story.html …"
You'd think the Turkish people, even the nuttiest religious ones, might be just the tiniest bit mad about all the massive - not to mention seemingly permanent and unfixable - problems Erdoğan has caused by trying to make money for himself and his family from ISIS. It is all fine and well and no doubt justified to blame Gülen and the CIA for many things, but neither Gülen nor the CIA forced Erdoğan to treasonously sell out his country for personal gain. Grifters gotta grift.  The tragedy is that events have forced him away from ISIS, yet the damage done lives on.

Tweets by Rebeno on today's Ottoman fighting techniques. Like what happened to Fallujah or East Aleppo or Gaza, or what is happening to Mosul, curiously not in the news or shameless 'human rights' propaganda outlets.

The battle for Mosul is failing:  "The Battle for Mosul: IS' swansong or yet another shapeshifting ? (part 2)" by Patrick Bahzad.

The Syrian government's attempts to secure the water supply for a city of 5 million people from poisoning by the human organ eaters is being used as an excuse to declare the ceasefire breached by the Syrian army, and thus over!

"From May 2013 in the New Yorker: so was this a government disinformation?"  Yes.

"The Khazarian Mafia Bastardize Civilians in the Middle East".  There are a lot of real cranks with mental illness issues at Veterans Today, but Alexis is consistently good.

Useful background psychology:  "Trump in Palm Beach: a Personal Note".  "TPM‘s Josh Marshall Tweets Out Porno Link to Shock of Political Media World".

Read the whole thing (most people have no idea of how Evil they are, and note they are still following the original plan, complete with detailed scheming in 'Jewish billionaire' meetings, to the letter):  "Terrorism: How the Israeli state was won":
"The fascist nature of the Zionist enterprise was apparent both to US and British intelligence. The Jewish Agency tolerated no dissent and sought to dictate the fates of all Jews. Children were radicalised as part of the methodology of all three major organizations, and by extension, the Jewish Agency.

Britain’s wake-up call regarding the Zionists’ indoctrination of children came on the 8th of July, 1938. That day, the Irgun blew up a bus filled with Palestinian villagers. Now, this was not the first time the Irgun had done something of this sort, but this time the British caught the bomber. She was a twelve year old schoolgirl.

Teenagers, both boys and girls, were commonly used to plant bombs in Palestinian markets and conduct other terror attacks. Teachers were threatened or removed if they tried to intervene in the indoctrination of their students, and the students themselves were blocked from advancement if they resisted, even being taught to betray their own parents if those parents tried to instill some moderation. Jews who opposed and tried to warn of the emerging fascism were assassinated, and indeed most victims of Zionist assassinations—that is, targeted, rather than indiscriminate—were Jews.

From the beginning of World War II through to the summer of 1947, there were virtually no Palestinian attacks, even though Zionist terror against Palestinians continued. A British explanation for the Palestinians’ failure to respond in kind was that they understood that the attacks were a trap, intended to elicit a response that the Zionists would frame as an attack against which they would have to ‘defend’ themselves. This was a Zionist tactic noted by the British as early as 1918, and it remains Israel’s default strategy today, most blatantly in Gaza, but also in East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

As late as the fall of 1947, the Jewish Agency was concerned by the Palestinians’ failure to respond to its provocation, but when the end of 1947 came and the Jewish Agency could wait no longer for the civil war it needed, it was simply a matter of ratcheting up the terror.

Throughout the Mandate period, the takeover and ethnic cleansing of Palestine remained Zionism’s unwavering goal. As but one illustration, I will summarize a key meeting of twenty people held in London on the 9th of September, 1941.

“To be treated as most secret” is the red ink heading of the transcript. Present were Weizmann, who had called the meeting, David Ben-Gurion, and other Zionist leaders such as Simon Marks (of Marks & Spencer); and the prominent non-Zionist industrialist, Robert Waley Cohen. Discussing the path to the proposed Jewish State, the conversation ran along the lines of George Orwell’s still-to-be-published Animal Farm, in which all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.

Anthony de Rothschild began by stressing that there would be no “discrimination … against any group of its citizens” in the Jewish state, not even “to meet immediate needs”. Weizmann and Ben-Gurion also assured the sceptics: “Arabs”—Palestinians—would have equal rights. However, they clarified that within that absolute equality, Jewish settlers would have to have special privileges. Weizmann’s ‘absolute equality’ included the transfer of most non-Jews out of Palestine while permitting “a certain percentage of Arab and other elements” to remain in his Jewish state, the insinuation being as a pool of cheap labour.

Anthony de Rothschild’s vision of equality and non-discrimination was equally compelling: it “depended on turning an Arab majority into a minority”, and to achieve this, there would be “no equal rights” for non-Jews.

Cohen found the scheme dangerous, submitting that the Zionists were “starting with the kind of aims with which Hitler had started”. Cohen did not stop there: he suggested that if a state with equality for everyone were indeed intended, the state should be named with a neutral geographic term. He suggested … ‘Palestine’. The others were horrified at this idea, arguing that if the state had a non-Jewish name, “they would never get a Jewish majority”, in effect acknowledging the use of messianic fundamentalism as a calculated political strategy.

In another obvious but rarely spoken admission, Ben-Gurion clarified that the ‘Jewish state’ was not based on Judaism; it was, rather, based on being a ‘Jew’, that is, by the Zionists’ racial definition.

Asked about borders of his settler state, Weizmann continued in the same surreal manner. He replied that he would consider the partition plan proposed by the Peel Commission four years earlier, in 1937, but that “the line” (the Partition) “would be the Jordan”. This was nonsensical: the Jordan was the Commission’s eastern border for the two states, and so Weizmann’s ‘partition’ meant 100% for his state, 0% for the Palestinians. He went further still: he would “very much” like to “cross the Jordan”, that is, take Transjordan along with Palestine.

At the end of the meeting Weizmann sought to put his proposals into effect officially in the name of all Jews worldwide. Those against his proposals were, in his word, “antisemites”."
By far the single best thing ever on the Weiss site, and ironic considering that Weiss and his crew are still peddling the same kind of trickery today.

See also "The Holocaust Industry in Canada".  Note the phenomenon of prominent gentile 0.1%-ers - both banksters and other various crooks - seeing the Holocaust Industry as a good business opportunity.

The new science of concentrationcampguardism (Blogger spell check doesn't think this is a word, but it is now):  "Netanyahu’s holy war, and the coming Jewish schism".

"It Ain’t Your Grandma’s Aliyah as Trendy Newcomers Pick Tel Aviv".  In light of discussion of the One-State Solution.

Henry the K is in the news, so tweets by Louis Allday on the Kissinger/CIA efforts to start the Lebanese Civil War.

A lot of powerful people would like to end Twitter's ability to circumvent - and make fools of - the gatekeepers.  Another good thing about Trump as President is that Twitter, as badly managed as it is, will surely not go out of business as long as Trump needs it to issue policy decisions.

The Trump Way
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