Monday, January 02, 2017

Tonight It's Your Time

"Syria's War Was Only Ever the Beginning" (Cartalucci).  People continue to have baffling problems with what we could call Non-Shekel Theories of Geopolitics.  Sure you can posit American world domination as the big goal, but why then does every fucking step taken by the American lead to obvious weakening of the American Empire?  Are the American leaders all morons?  Or are they bribed to work for other purposes?

Again, missing a piece, uncharacteristic for Petras, who knows:  "Portrait of an Assassin: Obama’s Revenge".  You can blame it on Barry's mental health if you like, but I prefer to ask the obvious questions of 'why Russia?' and 'why now?'.  The simple answer is that Russia is perceived as interfering with Zionist expansionism, exemplified by the Syrian victory against terrorism.  Quite simple.

Related:  "How George Soros Destroyed The Democratic Party".

Tweet ((((YousefMunayyer)))):
"When Palestinian citizens of Israel are victims of attacks they are "Israeli" when they are perpetrators they are "Arab""
Tweet (Delphine Minoui):
"Triste et glaçante ironie du destin : "Tonight is your time" dit une publicité devant le club #Reina #Istanbul"
Barton Gellman tweets on Edward Jay Epstein's attacks on Snowden.  Epstein has been a very suspicious intelligence-connected character going back to the JFK assassination, and I would see any Epstein involvement as part of an organized American intelligence propaganda campaign.  There must be considerable concern that most Americans are seeing Snowden as a hero, part of the general phenomenon of revolts of the peasants.  The anomaly is that I see both Epstein, certainly, and Snowden, probably, as CIA assets, and Epstein's attack looks like a counterattack to the CIA's attack using Snowden against the NSA/Pentagon.

Logical problems with the latest attempt at propping up the Russian hacking myth, the alleged Russian infection of the Ukrainian targeting app:  "Why I Still Don't Buy the Russian Hacking Story".

"Department of Homeland Security / FBI Claim of Russian Hacking is Fake News".  The NSA keeps gathering all this data allegedly on critical national security grounds, and yet, whenever the information is needed, apparently can't find it.  I reminds me of the 'malfunctioning' of all the relevant cctv cameras on the day of the attack on the London subway.  You'd think at some point, even once, they would be able to proffer an example of how all this pervy intrusion actually helped.

Dirty Dirks, yet another in a long line of disgusting university administrators:  "Israel linked to suspension of Palestine course at UC Berkeley".

Hilarious acid flashback to the Reagan era:  "Putin’s real long game".  Related:  "Guardian journalist’s bizarre claim Vladimir Putin’s New Year and Christmas invite is a threat to US diplomats’ children".
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