Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Très gentils

Alleged Quebec City mosque shooter Facebook-liked the IDF, Marine Le Pen (whose visit to Quebec City was the trigger) and Donald Trump.  Sounds about right.  I wonder who his handler was.

Speaking of organized Islamophobia and who is behind it:  "The Hill Publishes Islamophobic Fake News on Venezuela".

The innocent guy who was arrested, causing a momentary thrill to Fox News and the alt-right and the Trump administration, says the police were "très gentils".

They've put all the human organ eaters in one recycle bin in Syria, and it is time to take out the trash.

"Yemenite Jew among detainees at JFK due to Trump ban".  Thankfully not a Khazar or he'd have to shut it down (see also).

"King Salman has no issues with Trump".

"Obama’s Administration Made The “Muslim Ban” Possible And The Media Won’t Tell You".

"Google Fires Podesta Lobbying Group Shortly After Hiring Eric Braverman; Coincidence?"  It is difficult to forget that Hillary drove her election campaign into a lake following Google's gps.

Small revolt in the usually Stepford Wives commentariat at Naked Capitalism to this comment by Lambert Strether (Wars For The Jews will survive American 'progressive' politics just like cockroaches will survive nuclear war):
"Yes, I’d like to end the wars, too. The flyover states have had it, but both party establishments still quite like them. Adding that, however, like it or not, a nation-state’s primary responsibility is to its own citizens, and that’s how our politics are set up."
"The checkpoint regime: Israel and the fragmentation of Palestinian society".

In case you thought the anti-corruption organization might itself be not corrupt:  "Go figure: Soros-funded watchdog says populist politicians ‘undermine fight against corruption’".

"Deborah Lipstadt: Trump Administration Engaged In Softcore Holocaust Denial".  I'm looking forward to David Irving's invitation to the White House.  Perhaps they can have a good laugh at film night.

Hardcore truth in here:  ""Taking Down" British Officials":
"It does not require much in the way of imagination to realize that the Masot meetings probably occur every day right out in the open in Washington, including Israeli officials and Congressmen as well as heads of political advocacy organizations and lobbies. The list of prominent politicians “taken down” by Israel is lengthy, and includes Cynthia McKinney, Adlai Stevenson III, Paul Findley, Chuck Percy, William Fulbright, Roger Jepsen, and Pete McCloskey. And a similar situation prevails in the U.S. regarding human rights and politically liberal organizations that are ostensibly privately funded. As Jeff Blankfort has noted, they are frequently headed by American Jews who prove quite willing to criticize the United States but are generally reluctant to say anything bad about Israel. Whether they are actually directly or indirectly on the Israeli government payroll would be an interesting project for a good investigative journalist.

One might reasonably consider Israel’s interference in the democratic process in friendly countries like the U.K. and U.S. as much farther reaching and damaging than anything Moscow has done. Yet Russia is being excoriated by the U.S. and European media daily, investigated by Congress and sanctioned because of what are little more than unproven allegations. Israel has clearly done some things to interfere with local politics that are arguably much worse and the silence is deafening. So one should not be surprised by the toothless British reaction to the suggestion that its government officials might be removed by the clandestine activity of a foreign country: “The Israeli ambassador has apologized…the UK has a strong relationship with Israel and we consider the matter closed.”"

"Toronto doctor may soon see justice for his daughters, 7 years after an Israeli tank killed them".

"Kenneth Roth of HRW explicitly says that Muslims who are "Western-oriented" are worthy of support".  Roth is a bit of a genius at turning ostensible tweets on human rights into an instrument for Khazar supremacism.

"EXCLUSIVE: Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein is accused of luring an underage girl into his elaborate sex trafficking enterprise under the guise of using his wealth and connections to get her into a prestige NYC college".
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