Saturday, January 07, 2017

Very strange

What should be the above-the-fold headline in every American newspaper:  "DNC Refused to Give FBI Access to Its Servers … Instead Gave Access to a DNC Consultant Tied to Organization Promoting Conflict with Russia".  There are foreign interests involved in manipulating American politics, but they are not Russians but rather Ukrainian extreme right-wingers trying to start WWIII.  "As Pro-European Protests Seize Ukraine, Jewish Oligarch Victor Pinchuk Is A Bridge To The West".  "Ukraine's Victor Pinchuk: The Oligarch In The Middle Of The Crisis".

"The GRU-Ukraine Artillery Hack That May Never Have Happened".

"Propaganda intended to incite Americans: John McAfee on ‘Russian hacking’ claims".

"Key Takeaways From Intelligence Community Testimony On Alleged "Russian Hacking"".  "New Intelligence Report Adds No Evidence Of "Russian Hacking" (Updated)".  "The Insane Circus Now Going On In Washington – A Sad Parody Of Joseph McCarthy Waving Fistfuls Of Blank Paper, Insisting They Were Russian Spies".

Related:  "Trump Aims To Cut The Neocon Deep State Off At The Knees".  "Trump and the IC "consultants."".

"WashPost Is Richly Rewarded for False News About Russia Threat While Public Is Deceived" (Greenwald).

"You can’t make this stuff up: Trump win proves Russia hacked the DNC!" (Alexis).

"The Unraveling of Julian Assange"!  This is even more strikingly unhinged coming from Bloomberg, which sells itself as the reasonable fact-based vendor of useful info to the money makers.
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