Friday, February 17, 2017

Dodging bullets

"A Settler’s View of Israel’s Future".  Various Khazar schemes to deal with the demographic problem of one state, including, of course, mass transfer (with included hilarious assertion of the Khazar connections to the stolen land).  I'm not a thief, and so have to wonder if you develop a particularly strong emotional connection to your loot.

"New US Sec State Tillerson Describes First Meeting with Russia’s Lavrov as “Productive”".

"Extremely Dangerous Ground".  Weird attempt at dismissing the treason aspect of the CIA mini-coup.

If the Flynn forced resignation is just another aspect of the failing CIA's turf war with the Pentagon, Trump is in much less danger than many fear, as he would have the biggest dog in the fight, the Pentagon, on his side against the CIA/media/Clintonista traitors.  On the other hand, the Pentagon is participating, albeit in a half-assed way, in some of the anti-Russian propaganda.

Bullet-dodger-in-chief dodges a bullet (did he refuse to go along with their assassination plans?):  "Secret Service Director Steps Down After a Little Over 3 Weeks Working for Trump".

"Mass sexual assaults by refugees in Frankfurt ‘completely made up’".  There is a very successful extreme-right PR campaign being waged in Germany, without much, if any, push-back from the establishment.

"Watch: Justin Trudeau Scores a Stunning Draw in Handshake Domination Battle With Donald Trump":
"After exchanging a meaningful look with Trudeau, as if to recognize a worthy adversary, he dropped the Canadian’s hand and beckoned toward the cameras.

In my official ruling, this is a draw, but it’s a stunning, impressive result for Trudeau nonetheless. Just as in European championship soccer, getting a draw on the road is almost like winning, and for Trudeau to perform so admirably on enemy turf is a triumph for all of Canada.

Unfortunately, this probably means Ottawa is getting nuked. But it was worth it to see the first small crack in the armor of the Ivan Drago of handshakes."
Added (I can't resist a good Onion-esque story):  "‘Pure racism’: Migrants blast Sweden’s Camel Park integration strategy".
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