Saturday, March 04, 2017

Captain Save-a-Thug/donuts/limes

"The Dirty Secret Behind The Jeff Sessions Mess".  Sessions is being blamed for accurately answering two sloppily worded questions.  His crime is not going on to answer questions he wasn't asked, questions he wasn't asked as they would have sounded silly.  Of course, as usual, by raising this nonsense, BigJew is establishing its narrative that there is something wrong and treasonous about stopping WWIII (although Sessions didn't even get close enough to do that!), and it all goes back, as usual, to the building of the Zionist Empire and Russia's interference in that project.  At some point, Americans are really going to have to decide whether they want to continue to help the Jews out with their genocidal project, or whether they want to live.

"Twitter Fight: Trump Trolls "Hypocrite" Schumer With Putin Photo; Schumer Responds".  There's a huge difference, of course - Trump and his people are trying to stop WWIII, and Chuck was discussing . . . donuts.

Tweet (Whats the 7th floor):
"Reminder that Bannon is the smartest man to ever live"

"The Basic Formula For Every Shocking Russia/Trump Revelation".

One of the big dangers of the Putin nonsense, and why it is High Treason, is that it may force Trump to a distraction:  "Trump administration considers military strike against North Korea".

Duh!:  "Tulsi Gabbard: To Solve Refugee Crisis, Stop Funding Terrorism".

"Self-Proclaimed "Liberals" Are Now Fawning Over George W. Bush".  They've always loved him, even when they couldn't say it out loud.  They love him for all those Wars For The Jews.

Shekels!:  "US Congressional delegation announces Israel visit to study moving embassy to Jerusalem".

"Man Arrested Over Bomb Threats To Jewish Groups Is Former Intercept Reporter And Anti-Trump, Bernie Voter".  "Black St. Louis Man Arrested For Making Bomb Threats To Jewish Centers".  The story about harassing an ex-girlfriend is difficult to believe.

"Fake News: Canadian Media Duped By White Supremacist Terrorism Hoax".

Vocativ, NYC-Tel Aviv.

"The Goy According To Hoenlein" (Atzmon):
"If Hoenlein is genuinely concerned with antisemitism maybe, accusing gentiles of being infected in an hateful disease is not exactly going to make Jews loved.  If Hoenlein and the Jews really, once and for all, want to defeat antisemitism, all they need do is to look in the mirror and ask themselves, what is it about them that invokes such hatred in others."

"Debate over Toronto professor's talk in Ottawa heats up on social media".  The new crime of misgendering.  I'm taking over-under bets on how many years before misgendering is a criminal offence.

"Israel’s Anti-Semitism Smears Backfire".  "Statement - Israeli Apartheid Week: Responding to Criticism and Censorship.".

"200 Years Together: Chapter 9 — And Some Mysterious Search Engine Results".   Everybody counts on Google hiding things for the usual reasons - Google has become a bit of a laughing-stock - but DuckDuckGo too?

The sausage-making details of FBI patsy manufacturing:  "Trump’s First Terror Arrest: A Broke Stoner The FBI Threatened At Knifepoint".

Sending anthropologists deep up the American Amazon, where no civilized man has gone before, to attempt to fathom the unfathomable from the mouths of tribal children:  "Peter's Choice".

Some headlines are worth savoring:  "Peel police say they’re not to blame for shooting woman in the back" (also, note the bizarre attention to detail:  "The bullet pierced her kitchen window and struck her in the back while she was cutting limes.").
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