Sunday, March 26, 2017

Last stop before the train leaves for Loony Town

George never sleeps, even during daylight in his coffin bed of unconsecrated ground (same brand the corpse of Hillary uses):  "Belarus March 2017 SITREP" and "Belarus protests: Hundreds arrested after defying ban".

"What Constitutes Reasonable Mainstream Opinion".

Tweet (Molly McKew):
"Kremlin threatens to leak everything on Obama admin if leaks continue from DC. The rabbit hole gets deeper and deeper"

"US Has Panic Attack After Libyan Puppets Lose Control of Oil Ports".  Odd, how can this be, another War For Oil that lead to no oil?  You'd almost think it was a War For The _____, with the blank filled with something other than oil.

Good stuff:  "Pepe Escobar: Daesh, Creature Of The West" and "The Prospect of a Russian-American Coalition to Fight IS: Some Problems Remain".

"Revelations – Lafarge-Holcim’s jihad" (Meyssan).  An entirely new spin on the logistics of the terrorists.  If your country has laws about bribery, price-fixing, or environmental protection, I can guarantee you Lafarge will be on the crooked side of them.

"Gas From Israel And The Flynn Wiretapping - Behind The Deep-State Infighting Over The Trump Election".

Raw intelligence:  "How The Surveillance Program Works, And Who Can Order It: Former Intel Chair Explains".

"Fox News host promoted by Trump calls on Paul Ryan to step down".  "Exclusive — Discussion About GOP Replacement to Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House Intensifies in White House, Congress".

"Free speech means free speech? I don’t think so."  Atzmon is the test which exposes lite Zionist bad faith.
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